Today I’ve got an exclusive from author Michelle Vongkaysone and her novel Clipped – don’t forget you can comment on this post at the bottom of the page.


The years have scarcely touched either of you, I see. Don’t hesitate, I’ve grown since last we all met. Don’t fear me, I need to make peace with all this now. It feels so long ago, doesn’t it?
So long ago since the ocean’s fury threatened to drown the earth. So long since the baking heat threatened to roast the earth dry. Far away it was since greater forces were summoned to quell those furies, water and land alike. Forces I captured and tamed for your benefit. For the greater good.

For a moment, you two were like gods of old, weren’t you? Masters of land or sea, modern-day Poseidon and Demeter, I suppose. You claimed your actions were for the best, and I am inclined to believe you. Your intentions were “noble”, not your methods, mind you.

Still, earth and sea are inclined to destroy as much as cultivate life on their own. So cocky were you two to urge their forces to bend to your wills. But the road to hell was lined with good intentions until it crumbled beneath our feet.

I don’t wish ill on either of you. I presume you’re doing well after all’s said and done. There’s something to be said of resilience. Of how water and earth and wind grapple among themselves, yet keep our world fit for us to live in.

What I’m trying to say is that I needed closure regarding our past. I can’t say what happened was ideal. I can’t say it hasn’t left it’s marks. But it’s made me that much stronger. That much more hardened for life, like a clay figure fired in an oven.

I wish you two the best in future doings. I hope you’ve learned and grown from the experience as I have. Thank you for offering such things to me, whether I wanted them or not.

You can download Clipped now here:

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