Cover Poll – The Unlucky Man

Never judge a book by it’s cover. But what about when that’s all you’ve got to go on? Today we are getting interactive.

Check out this cover from H T G Hedges’ debut The Unlucky Man and tell us – based on this cover alone would you buy the book? Vote below for a chance to win a copy of the book:


The Unlucky Man


Leave a comment – even a simple hello – and one of you will be chosen to WIN an e-copy of the book on Saturday! 

8 responses to “Cover Poll – The Unlucky Man

  • iread

    I will attempt to read anything and 99.9% of the time finish a book just to see what will happen. I just hope this book has crows in it =)


  • NancyH

    I good cover definitely gets my attention. If the cover is good, then I will go to the book blurb. The book blurb will seal my decision.


  • Sandra Padgett

    I go more by the book blurb than anything. The cover may draw me in, but I never decide by the cover alone.


  • Justaskingwhy

    I’ve never made a decision on a cover. The back blurb will capture my attention, but the first few pages, then spot reads throughout will tell me if I want to read the book. What grabs me is good writing.


    • lefitzpatrick

      Hi Justaskingwhy, thanks for participating in the poll for The Unlucky Man. I am pleased to announce you have won a copy of the ebook in the format of your choice. If you can email me with an address we can send the file to and also the format you prefer I will get this sent across to you. Thanks again for joining in an supporting indie talent.


  • hmflath

    For me, the cover is very important and very often it will determine whether or not I will pick up a book. Once I have it in my hands, I immediately go for the back blurb. So I guess you can say I need both to get me interested.


  • lairbhan

    I really like the cover but I’m not getting how it relates to the title so I’d want to know a little more about the book before deciding to buy it


  • Papaphilly

    The book may catch my attention, but the blurb is what usually gets me to buy the book. I also tend to research books online now to help me figure out if I want to try a new author. for the record, I like the cover very much.


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