Cover Poll Results – The Unlucky Man

Earlier this week I asked you if you would judge a book by it’s cover – or more pertinently if you would buy a copy of H T G Hedges The Unlucky Man based on it’s cover. I’ve bought books on the strength of their cover and been really disappointed by the story, and I’ve also read amazing books with terrible covers so is it any surprise that 59% of you were inclined to read the blurb first?

And given you were all inclined to read the blurb first you can check out all of the details of The Unlucky Man on Amazon now and who knows maybe that might be enough to tempt you to buy the story. And just so you know this is one of those few occasions I can say for certain that the book is freaking awesome!

But there was more to just the poll than voting. We had a competition too. One of you lucky people has one a copy of The Unlucky Man and that person is…. drum roll please….. bit more of a drum roll…..


If the winner could contact me with her preferred choice of ebook I shall pass this on to H T G Hedges and get the book sent across to you straightaway.

This poll was great fun and if you would like to put your own book up for a cover poll, or even a blurb poll we can do the same for you. My thanks to H T G Hedges for being the guinea pig and letting us scrutinise his cover.

Tomorrow we are back with posts from other indies so stay tuned and don’t forget that authors can submit their work to me for free promotion and readers keep following for competitions, freebies and new releases.



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