Today I am interviewing S Z Love who is telling us all about the fantasy story Sienna.



Sienna is a fantasy story, what is your target audience? Is this a book suitable for children or more for adults?


target audience: ages 10+, similar to Harry Potter fans.

It’s more suitable for children


Can you tell us more about the setting of your story? This is a land of myths and legends, are they based on myths that we might know?


setting:  It’s set mostly in Asia.  In a land similar to Vietnam.  The backdrops include: Mountains, swamps, towns, Chapels etc.

The Myths are similar to Tolkien’s Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Norse, Chinese and Vietnamese cultures.



This is a tale of a girl coming of age – tell us about this girl and her journey through the story?


This girl, “Born into Despair.  With pale white skin.  The skin of a Demon.”

People think she’s a demon because the people in this land of Viton have medium tanned skin.  While white skin is associated with the Conquerors and Demons.

She is meek and fairly soft spoken.  She is the second oldest of 4 children.

Her birth was prophecied by the ancient Seers of Viton.

The family moves to the country of Merka to get away from the new Invaders from the North.  After several years in Merka, Sienna grows bored and something fantastic happens to her!


The story is set at a time of darkness, what is going on in this world? Who are the bad guys?


The North Vitons are oppressing the Southerners.  They fought a civil war and the North was winning.  The North is headed by Vitor the Mighty.  His lust for power knows no bounds.  He’s constantly paranoid that someone will take over his power.

It was foretold that a Demon Child would either help the Invaders or Crush them.

Vitor is assisted by Hook Shanks the Halfling, who has lost a hand.

Also aiding the Invaders is Tenebris Sacermonius a Dark Priest .


Without giving away any spoilers can you tell us about the elves?


The Elves are reclusive and want to stay apart from the other races.  They enjoy their successes and most think the other races are inferior.

Most Elves are masters with the bow and arrow.  And a few are magic wielders and healers.


For a fantasy story the book is quite short, is this going to be part of a series?  


Yes.  I’m adding to book 1 every day.  And I have many ideas for book 2.


What is your favourite thing about the book (you can use an extract if you like)?


My favorite part is that the Heroine doesn’t use strength or just magic to overcome obstacles.  Often times in modern fantasies, too much magic is used.


Where does this magic come from? Why is it so powerful?  


Sienna uses a combination of brains and magic weapons.

“Ali reached under his saddle bag and produced a Silver Cane with a Tryst Wood handle.  He tossed it to Sienna.  “It is called Argentium.””


She also builds up friendships that are stronger than steel.

“No person is an island.”  We need to help our friends.


And what is next for S Z Love?


I’m making friends on the forums.

I continue to improve “Sienna and the Bushido School for Princes and Princesses ”  Book 1

The compliments I’ve received so far include:

“Your blurb sounds like a soap opera or similar to Xena Warrior Princess!”

Also, “Sounds like Manga (Japanese stories).”


I continue to work my part time jobs of Office Worker and

Truck Driver.

I plan to write full time in one year 🙂


You can buy Sienna from Amazon now


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