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I’ve got an exciting post today. This is a totally exclusive character interview from Scott Skipper’s Face of the Angel, enjoy!


In 1984 independent German journalist, Ingrid Dorffmann, contacted fugitive Nazi, Josef Mengele, through his son, Rolf. Through a convoluted series of messages, Mengele agreed to be interviewed. Andreas, the son of Mengele’s friend Wolfram Bossert, led Frau Dorffmann to the clandestine meeting place in a São Paulo café of Mengele’s choosing.

The interview began over coffee:

Dorffmann: Thank you for meeting me. I know that it takes courage for you to do this.

Mengele: Not at all, to spend a few moments with someone so charming as you brings a little joy to an old man.

Dorffmann: Thank you. So, why do they call you the Angel of Death?

Mengele: That is a lie perpetrated by the malignant Jews. At the camp I was called the “Angel of Auschwitz” because I tried to help people.

Dorffmann: How could you stand on the platform and decide who lived and who died?

Mengele: Liebchen, I was sent to Auschwitz to do a job. I was simply instructed to select those who were physically capable of working. You want to know about the gassing. That was not my decision. It was going on long before I got there, and in fact, it ended before I left.

Dorffmann: Is it true you removed the eyes from living people trying to learn how to change eye color?

Mengele: It was impractical to retrieve the bodies from the gas chambers and I had my orders. I thought it was a silly waste of time, but the Führer had brown eyes and wanted them to be blue.

Dorffmann: Could you not have anesthetized them?

Mengele: Ach! There was no anesthetic.

Dorffmann: Then you could have shot them.

Mengele: Do you take me for a monster?

Dorffmann pauses, slightly stunned.

Dorffmann: Then what about the other experiments on live subjects?

Mengele: Experiments? That was scientific research for the betterment of the German race. I did not invent Auschwitz. It was created to support the war effort by exploiting an inferior race. My research was only a small part of that effort.

Dorffmann: But attempting to force twin births your idea, wasn’t it?

Mengele: Yes, it was my idea, and I later succeeded, but only with cattle. The twins owed me their lives. I saw to it that they were treated well.

Dorffmann: But what became of the twins?

Mengele: I did all I could to save them. It was the Russians who caused their deaths. All I could do was flee to the west fully expecting to run into the arms of the amis.

Dorffmann: Did you ever meet Hitler?

Mengele: Yes, but only to salute and shake hands. He once toured my family’s factory in Bavaria, but I was away at university at the time.

Dorffmann: What did you think of him?

Mengele draws a deep breath and looks at the ceiling.

Mengele: He was the man of the century—another Alexander or Fredrick the Great—but he was poorly educated and he surrounded himself with weak men who filled him with bad advice. In the end, he simply could not win the war by himself.

Dorffmann: Let’s get back to your assertion that the German race is superior. What evidence do you have that one race is superior to another?

Mengele: It is obvious. There is scientific proof. It can be proven by studying the prehistoric migration routes of the Aryan race as compared to those of the mongrel races. It can be further proven by genetic studies. We are superior mentally, physically, morally and genetically.

Dorffmann: You have been living in Brazil for many years, how do you rate the Brazilians?

Mengele: They are subhuman.

Dorffmann: Do you not think there are any intelligent Brazilians?

Mengele: Ach, some are brighter than others, but it is like teaching a monkey to do clever tricks. The monkey can learn to do amusing things but it cannot understand its own motivation. It is driven not by lofty thoughts, only greed for the treat it will receive.

Dorffmann: How do you account for all the scientific breakthroughs made by non-Aryans?

Mengele: Plundered German science.

Dorffmann looks exasperated.

Dorffmann: One last question, how have you managed to avoid capture for the last forty years when every Nazi hunter on earth is looking for you?

Mengele: Most of them are Jews of course, and so not very enlightened. When they grabbed Eichmann in Buenos Aires I was very nervous naturally, but I had many good and generous friends who understood the wrongness of the Jew led witch-hunt. I suppose by now there must be fifty people who know who I am and where I am and are willing to help me. I only wish they would send more money.

Ingrid Dorffman’s interview was never published and Mengele was never captured.

Read the whole remarkable story.

Face of the Angel

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