Peter Spark

I am joined today by the title character from the Peter Spark series. So Peter, thanks for being here. You work in Crisis Management, what’s that like?

A: Well, there’s a clue in the name. My job is to plan for crises and disasters, then manage the response to them when they occur. About 50% of my life consists of waiting in airports.

Being good at crisis management means not just preparing for a train wreck, but being happy to imagine a train wreck where bulk chemical carriers split and create a toxic cloud of gas.

What’s the most dangerous thing you have had to deal with?

A: Probably dealing with a toxic cloud of gas after a train wreck. Also, I was once on an oil rig that was hit by a tsunami. That was a toughie. Both of them were easy compared to having a conversation with a mad Australian media person called Maryam Drysdale-Behier.

Do you have to deal with time wasting situations too?

A: Anything that involves the media in any way at all. That is a terrible waste of time and agony at the same time- Like standing in the rain sticking pins in your own eyes endlessly.

But I bet the media loves you?

A: The media couldn’t care less about me or anyone else. They need a constant supply of fodder to fill their time slots and pages and whoever is unlucky enough to get caught by them has my unending sympathy. I have had to talk to the press sometimes, but there is virtually always someone nearby who is better at it than I am. In fact, anyone with a pulse is better at it than I am.

I work a lot with Professor Tilly Pink from Edinburgh and she absolutely loves talking to the media, and she’s good at it too. She’s good at most things though.

With your work do you even have time for hobbies?

A: I envy people with hobbies.


A: The bit of the human brain that does hobbies must be missing in me. People are interesting, but very, very strange. How can people invest in things that don’t produce anything.

But you’re really into the Knights Templar – weren’t they in that film with Tom Hanks?

A:You make them sound like a Boy Band. I never watch films, so I wouldn’t know. The Templars were an amazingly advanced organisation; very flat hierarchy, low costs to productivity ratio, excellent process innovation. Not famous for either their media relations or for having hobbies, as far as I am aware. Lots of reasons to admire them.

What about love Peter, do you have a special lady in your life?

A: Now we’re back to the subject of dealing with the media. I could spend years trying to work out why anyone might have even the slightest interest in that topic. I can only say that any woman who thought that I would be a suitable partner would be far to mad to want to deal with.

Okay, well thank you Peter for your charming interview. What did you say your friend was called? Tilly Pink – we’ll be sure to call on her next time…



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