Conquering Your Goliaths

It’s been a quiet week so far, but I have an interview from Kathryn Elizabeth Jones to entertain you. Kathryn is talking about her book Conquering Your Goliaths. Enjoy!

Virginia Bean is your leading character, can you tell us about her?

Virginia is a single woman, in her mid-thirties, who has just lost her job. She is somewhat preoccupied with the finer things of life, (how she looks, what she drives, etc.) and only begins to ‘see’ as she begins her journey with God and David’s five stones which represent listening, trust, optimism, tenacity and constancy.

What is Goliath?

Goliath in the story represents the Goliath of old who faces small David on the battlefield. David has gathered the five stones (mentioned above) from a small streambed, and has placed them in his pouch. With his sling and stones he is now ready to face the mammoth Goliath. It is interesting that David might have only picked up one stone, because all it took in the end was one stone to defeat Goliath. But in David’s life, as in our own, our faith might need a little work, and thus, the five stones to prepare an individual to defeat his/her goliath.

Where is this story set?

The story is set in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Not much goes on there, however, but Idaho is Ms. Virginia Bean’s home. She is not going to move away; and with the five stones in which she later receives from God, Virginia is indeed happy she stuck this one out.

Are there any other characters you can tell us about?

Virginia meets with God, and though this might have been a frightening experience for her, she soon discovers the kindness of God’s heart, and how much He wants for her. She is never alone, even when she believes herself to be. When she meets Paul, all of Virginia’s problems are suddenly amplified, but the journey doesn’t end for Ms. Virginia Bean, and she discovers that great friends are merely God’s way of keeping her on the path.

Can you share your favourite passage from the book?

Sure. “It is time,” (the stone) said, “for you to return to God.”

A shaft of sunlight came through the window at just that moment and Virginia knew that the words were not only real, but true. They rested in her heart and spoke to her about her potential as a pure daughter of the birthright.

Conquering Your Goliaths has been described as a self-help book described as fiction. What can readers learn from this story?

They will learn that conquering any goliath takes time and effort, but that none of it has to be done forever alone. God is there, He loves each of his children, and He will help them. All we need to do is ask, listen to His direction, trust in His words, remain optimistic even when life gets dark, keep going and never forget that He is walking beside us.

Conquering Your Goliaths is a Christian parable, is this a book specifically for Christians or is this a story for people from all faiths?

The book is for Christians primarily, and for those open to hearing God.

This book has incredible reviews, what would you say are the main selling points of this story?

The book is short (just over 100 pages), but is packed with powerful truths to help an individual with his/her walk with God. We should not be afraid of God, rather, we should see Him as our greatest friend, for He loves us without fail, He never sleeps, and He never goes on vacation. He is always there for each of us.

And finally what is next for Kathryn Elizabeth Jones?

My next book is planned for release a year from now. The title, Heaven 24/7, will share how to live on this earth, and, at the same time, reach for the stars. It will be a compilation of modern day parables showing faith in God and living according to our birthright.

You can download Conquering Your Goliaths from Amazon

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