Lets start the week with a bit of demonic rebellion shall we. Check out this exclusive blurb and extract from  author Tyrone Tony Reed Jr and his book S.O.L.A.D:
Exclusive blurb: 
What would you do if you were the only person who could save a world overrun by demons?

Would you run and hide?

Or would you stand and fight as a Soldier of Light Against Darkness?

Exclusive extract: from Chapter 8 “No Mercy: Part One”

Jeff was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of the three 23-year-old women working inside the supply warehouse in the Village of St. Louis. He and Melanie had been sent by Wiseman J to pick up food and other supplies from the closest village to the Village of Memphis.

Even though he was on an important mission, Jeff couldn’t resist the temptation to flirt.

“So, beautiful ladies, which one of you would like to go out with a famous demon slayer tonight?” Jeff asked as he ran his hands through his hair, smiled and waited for their replies.

Melanie pushed a sack of apples into Jeff’s chest. “Take it easy, lustaholic. They’re not thinking of you when you say ‘demon slayer.’”

The three women giggled and continued helping other villagers seeking goods for their villages.

Jeff carried the sack of apples to the doorway of the warehouse and looked back at Melanie. “Then who are they thinking of?”

“If you’re talking about a male demon slayer, then it’s Angelo. Who else?” Melanie smiled as she picked out grapes and strawberries and placed them into a sack. “If you’re talking about a handsome, charming man with super powers who slays demons, it’s definitely Angelo.”

Jeff frowned. “He’s not the only demon slayer.”

“That’s right,” Melanie said. “There’s Angeline. She’s a true role model for all women.”

Melanie handed Jeff a sack of oranges and went to pick out some potatoes.

Jeff sat the sack next to the sack of apples and let out a loud sigh. “This is unbelievable.”

“I know,” Melanie said as she filled up a sack with potatoes. “It’s getting harder and harder for every village to supply enough food for its villagers. Thank God the Village of St. Louis is still thriving and able to harvest enough food to feed 20 villages.”

Jeff walked over to Melanie and grabbed the sack of potatoes from her. “I’m not talking about the supplies. I’m talking about Angelo and Angeline.”

“What about them?”

Jeff threw the sack of potatoes near the doorway.

“Hey,” Melanie said. “Be careful.”

Jeff sat down in a chair next to the doorway and folded his arms. “I’m just sick of hearing about them. I’ve been fighting demons for the last six years, saving countless lives. Then Angelo and Angeline show up and everyone forgets about what I’ve done.”

Melanie walked over to Jeff and put her hand on his shoulder. “Look, nobody has forgotten what you have done. So don’t get jealous. Angelo and Angeline are just here to help fight, especially against super-powered demons like the ones we fought against nearly a month ago.”

Jeff’s voice softened. “How are you doing with that stuff that demon did to you?”

“I’m getting a little better every day,” Melanie said. “I appreciate you, Juanita, Kevin and Uncle J being there for me. So, let me be here for you now. You are a great hero, Jeff and no one will ever forget what you’ve done and are still doing. I think everyone is just excited because Uncle J’s prophecy is being fulfilled.”

“People used to be excited about me,” Jeff said as he leaned back in the chair.

“They still are. Just give Angelo and Angeline a chance. Work with them and I’m sure…”

Alarms around the village sounded and Jeff and Melanie heard and felt explosions coming from outside. 

Screaming people, with numerous injuries and blood-stained clothes, ran into the warehouse.

Jeff and Melanie ran outside and saw hundreds of bodies scattered across the village.

A man limped toward the warehouse as other people ran towards the village gates. He fell towards Jeff, who caught him and carried him inside.

“What happened?” Jeff asked. He was worried and had never seen anything do what had just been done to the Village of St. Louis and its villagers in a matter of seconds.

 “I don’t know,” said the man, whose legs were covered in blood. “There was something in the sky…looked like a flying man…and then something came from his hand. It was small at first…a small ball of orange light. It grew and grew until it was as big as a car. As he moved around in the air, the ball of light moved with him and then he made a small motion, like he was pushing it and the ball of light flew down towards us.”

Melanie found a towel and poured bottled water on it. She wiped the man’s leg as Jeff continued to talk with the man, trying to keep him conscious.

“Where were you when this happened?” Jeff asked as the man shook violently. Jeff grabbed the man and held him tight.

“He’s going into shock, Jeff.” Tears streamed down Melanie’s face as she looked around at the other villagers in the warehouse.

The warehouse employees were trying to help as many of the injured as they could, but many of the injured had died upon entering the warehouse. While half of the employees rendered aid, the other half stacked the dead in a corner and covered them up with tarps.

The eyes of the man Jeff talked to rolled into the back of the man’s head and Jeff knew, from his past failed rescue missions, that the man was about to die. But, he still needed to know what was outside slaughtering the villagers of St. Louis.

“Look, mister. I know you’re in a lot of pain and I know it may be hard for you to concentrate right now, but I need to know what happened when the light hit the area you were in.” Jeff shook the man until the man’s eyes stared at him.

“It hit the playground,” the man said as his eyes filled with tears. “I…was…watching my daughter and her friends swing on the swing set. When we saw the man in the sky, we thought it was Angelo…but, it wasn’t him. The light shot towards us…and…and…”

Jeff shook the man hard. “And what?”

“Stop it, Jeff,” Melanie said, afraid that Jeff would shake the man to his impending death.

“I must have blacked out,” the man said. Blood ran from his mouth and his eyes rolled back into his head again. “When I woke up, I was lying… on the ground… and my daughter’s… head, her precious little head… was lying next to me.” Tears ran down the man’s cheeks. “The rest of her body and the bodies of so many… many others…were in a big crater where the playground had been.”

The man’s pupils were no longer visible as his body went limp.

Jeff checked the man’s pulse. “He’s dead.”

Melanie stopped wiping the blood off the man’s legs and placed the towel over his face. She stood up and wiped her eyes with the sleeves of her shirt. “We need to contact Uncle J.”

Jeff pulled out the keys to Wiseman J’s SUV and started out the front door of the warehouse when Melanie grabbed his arm.

“Where do you think you’re going, Jeff?”

“I’m going to get my weapons and see if I can stop this thing.”

“Well, I can tell you from what I’ve seen and heard that you can’t.”

“Yes, I can.”

“No, we need Angelo and Angeline and Uncle J is the only one who can get in contact with them.”

“You might need them, but I can handle this myself,” Jeff said. “I just have to get to my weapons.”

Melanie looked out the door and then back at Jeff. “Well, if you can get through that, I think you might have a chance.” Melanie opened the door wide so Jeff could see outside.

It was raining, but it wasn’t water that was falling from the sky. It was blood and flesh. Body parts hit the ground with a “plop” and the blood filled up several craters throughout the village that the demon’s orbs of light had created.

Jeff closed the door and locked it. He hung his head down and handed a transmitter to Melanie. “Call your uncle. Tell him we need help.”

Where to get it: 
The US links are: http://amzn.to/1zE511L (Amazon.com)
The UK link is: http://amzn.to/1xVgQ4u (Amazon.co.uk)
To learn more about the author: http://ttreed2009.wix.com/tyronetonyreedjr



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