Limelight Likes

How many times do you see author pages and promo posts and just ignore them? And nowLL think how many people must ignore your promo posts. Wouldn’t it be better for every indie if we shared a little and by share I mean promote other indie books, promotions and pages by clicking “share” or “like”? If every indie author liked or shared one post for every like or share they received our pages would really start to take off.

In a year I have managed to receive over 480+ likes on my personal Facebook page:

In a few months I have received over a 100 for Limelight’s Facebook page:

So I have a mission for you and for me – match your likes. Over the next month I am going to like as many pages as I have collective likes on both my FB pages. That means I am going to set out and like nearly 600 indie pages (more if my likes go up). Who is with me?

Follow Limelight on Facebook to track my progress and post your own progress and your own pages for other indies to like. You can also post your pages to be liked in the comments section here too!



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