‘The Trouble with Wyrms’ Trilogy

From today until 19th of this month you can get all three of Mike Williams’ books for half price. What are you waiting for? Oh some blurbs… coming right up:


England in 1912 – suspicious of war and of Germany in particular, not the best of times for a group of women to appear in tweeds and sensible shoes, looking for all the world like Valkyries out for a picnic.

Mistaken for spies and suffragettes in equal measure, these charming ladies have arrived from a distant planet a little to the left and slightly to the right of the buckle on Orion’s belt. They have one purpose in mind, to find the Stately Wyrms of England and defeat the evil usurper of the Throne of Wyrm, the sorcerer Tarantulus Spleen – a terrifying tyrant of a man with a face like a bluebottle.

Vermyn Stench, the head of Spleen’s Secret Service, has tracked the Sisterhood to the quiet Derbyshire village of Sodden-On-The-Bog and has sent his army of rats in pursuit. Rats, big rats, bloody big rats – rats that could go through your undercarriage like a doctor’s thermometer. Rats with bowler hats and shot guns and a hatred of anything tweed – rats that appear suddenly from nowhere, take over your pub and throw the landlord out the window. Add to this mix a touch of witchcraft, a whiff of perfume, strange snoring noises coming from deep below the village square and a member of parliament taken to shaving off his moustache, wearing dresses and entertaining the military, only then will you realize why the entire village is better off at the bottom of a reservoir than a place on the map marked ‘Here be Germs.’

Lavender and Haddock – the first in a trilogy of books recounting the quest of a group of women all named after fish to find peace, enlightenment and the Stately Wyrms of England.

Grubdale, in the year 1912 – a quaint Victorian town nestled among the sheep and turnips of Northern England, boasting a Regiment of Rifles, Zoological Gardens and the most expensive, grandest of hotels this side of Blackpool. But all is not as it seems, The Alpine Palace is overflowing with German spies and the Regiment of Rifles overflowing with incompetence. The latest addition to the Zoological Gardens is eating its way through the rest of the exhibits and despite being billed by Professor Arbutus Broadbent as an Indian Giraffe, breathes fire when it sneezes, hates being covered in yellow paint and is demanding to be called ‘Your Majesty’ when spoken to. But all this is nothing as to the goings on up the hill in Grubdale Towers; a school for boys where a bad tin of sardines has created a vacancy on the staff that Rowena Carp is none too eager to fill. While the rest of the Sisterhood continue their search for the Stately Wyrms of England, Rowena must guard the last prince of Wyrm and teach ‘explosions’ to ‘horrid little boys’ unaware that with the capture of Bethesda Chubb by the enemy, Operation Big Secret may be secret no more. EDUCATING CREATURES – the second book in the ‘Trouble with Wyrms’ trilogy; the sequel to LAVENDER AND HADDOCK – the adventure continues…..

Grubdale in the year 1912, and with the cold winter wind comes a cold winter creature with eyes as dead as a three-day-old herring. He’s brought a few friends along for good measure – the dead and the dripping out for a stroll of an evening and all intent on attacking Grubdale Towers, a school for boys that is more Dotheboys Hall than Manchester Grammar. Bringing up the rear is the late night train from Frogwallop stuffed to the funnels with giant, trigger-happy rats; rats with weak bladders, terrible teeth and a hatred of anything tweed. Add to this confusion a less than brilliant Captain Dashing of the 1st Grubdale Rifles with orders to arrest any suffragette on sight, a giant blue dragon with a touch of the vapours being the wrong month of the millennium and the hapless Rowena Carp given orders to guard a spotty adolescent prince with more issues than a cockney soap. THE ALLURE OF THE RED WYRM – the final part of the ‘Trouble with Wyrms’ trilogy; the sequel to EDUCATING CREATURES – the adventure continues…..


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