Kill Daddy

You can travel the world, but if you cannot let go of the past, you will never be able to move on.

What Is Life?

Are we all completely separate beings instinctively driven by an innate need to survive, randomly colliding with each other as we fervently make our way through life? Or is it wrong to think of ourselves as separate entities, if in fact, we are not individual wholes but unique pieces, which make up the whole?

I believe it is this insistence on being separate, which is impeding the evolution of the world on all levels and making our journey much longer and more difficult than it need be. Until we realise the incredible oneness of the world and come together and start working towards a common goal of love and respect for all that exists on our planet Earth, conflict and abuse will thrive.

Compassion, love and respect will make us all richer than we can imagine in our wildest dreams.

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