The Feast: A Parable of the Ring

Today I have an exclusive character interview with Virginia from The Feast – check it out.

Virginia, you’ve just got married, what’s married life like?

I was so in love and swooning in the beginning. Really. I’d waited so long, and Richard, he’s the best man a woman could have. It was only after we decided to have kids and I couldn’t get pregnant that things got hard. Before that, everything was perfect.

And your husband, what’s he like? Is it easy being married to him?

He is a perfect man and doesn’t stay angry long, well, expect for when it comes to not having a baby. Richard is pretty serious by nature, but is also very loving and romantic. He doesn’t complain about the meals I cook him, and he doesn’t push me to do things I’d rather not do, although this presents a problem for me when something really needs to get done, and, for whatever reason, I don’t want to do it.

Do you think you’re a good wife?

Mostly. I waited a long time to get married, but I still get wrapped up in the single life and what “I” want. This proves to be a problem sometimes. Richard is more giving and more appreciative. I love that about him.

What about children, that’s next on the cards isn’t it?

Yes, and it’s proving to be a real burden. We’ve waited five years and have done all the possible tests with no results. And now I’m finding it difficult to consider that there might be another option. I’m pretty stubborn and like to do things my way. Again it’s the “single” mentality. We are considering adoption, but are unsure if we should adopt a baby or an older child, or even a child from another country. And there’s so much paperwork! So much to do!

What would children bring to your life?

I have always wanted a baby, not just to prove that I can be a great mother, but because babies bring joy into your life unlike anything else. (At least, that’s what I’ve heard). Richard would make a great dad, and I would try to make a great mom. I worry more about myself than I do about him. I also think a child would bring some closure; some kind of healing to my heart. I don’t know, but I have felt this empty space in my heart that only a child would be able to fill.

Do you think adopting a child is going to be the same as having your own child?

No I don’t, at least, not at first. I mean, I have always wanted to carry a child. I have always wanted to feel the child growing inside of me. That would be missing entirely if we adopted. And, like I said, we may not even be able to get a baby. The wait for a baby is so much longer than if we adopted an older child, but then, what about all of the problems an older child might carry with them? Of course a baby could be born with problems, too. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it wouldn’t be the same to adopt a child, but I am hoping that the love will come later, and that, in the end it really won’t matter how the baby or child came to us.

How difficult is it for you and your husband to pursue having a family?

We have both waited so long, so I don’t think it’s really hard, just time consuming. We both work full-time, too, but I have already decided to stay home with the baby or child as soon as we have him or her. And that’s the other problem. What sex do we choose? I often get so stressed out that I forget the value of the five stones that God gave me. I forget that he has provided a way for me, and my husband, to work through our individual goliaths and the goliaths we experience together.

What if it doesn’t happen? Would it be so bad for you both to just be a duo family?

I would be sick at heart. I don’t know if I would be able to go on without a child. Just the two of us? Sure I could be happy, God would want me to say that I could still be happy, because, in the end, it’s His will after all, but I don’t know. I love Richard with all my heart and soul, but a baby would make everything complete.

Do you feel you are being neglected or punished by God?

Sometimes. I’ve gotten mad at him and even yelled. Sometimes I punish him by purposely forgetting He is there, or placing my duties at Just Desserts above Him. But I know in my soul that whatever I go through just strengthens me, if I let it. I know that God is in charge anyway, and that everything in my life that occurs will only help me to be a stronger woman. But I have to remember what He has taught me and rely on Him to get me through what comes.

Tell me about the five stones? What are they? How does it work?

 The five stones were gathered by me, from God, in the first book, “Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones.” Each one came individually and I was prompted by God to use them and to learn of their strength and power. The stones are: Listening, Trust, Optimism, Tenacity and Constancy. The basic idea behind the five stones is that I turn my heart and soul to God and learn of Him so that I might then get through the obstacles, goliaths if you will, of life. One of the stones, for example, is trust. Now trust is quite an interesting stone because it turns white when I’m listening to God and black when I’m not. And if I’ve really turned His voice off, I might just find the stone of trust making its way through my sofa cushions or the bottom of my car. No kidding. That stone can move if I don’t listen.

What would you like others to take away from your story?

 I want them to see that I am a regular person, who struggles with life just as they do. I might be a fictional character made up by Kathryn Jones, but, and this is a big BUT, I want readers to see that they can overcome any and all of their goliaths. I want them to see how God can help them to overcome. I want them to know that even though the stones are physically fictitious, they are true spiritually, where truth really counts, and where growth of the spirit can occur. Bottom line: Whatever you are personally going through at this moment, God is there.

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