The Lights In Their Eyes

Here’s an exclusive from sci-fi novel The Light In Their Eyes by Michelle Vongkaysone which is out now.


Her eyes were still locked with his, silently extracting his intent from them. Though she remained flustered over their reckless union, the woman could tell her companion truly meant no harm. His words had a sheepishly innocent tone to them, much like an apologetic child would possess. Sculpted cheeks began to redden, painting his disoriented face the fairest of pinks.


Gleaming white teeth bit her carnation tinted lips, which gradually eased into a knowing smirk. As her orbs became softly lidded, the woman’s eyes illuminated from within. They evoked a guardian’s kind, warm gaze, but with an otherworldly aura as well. Absurd as it seemed, she was like an aurora’s light taken human form, both radiantly beautiful and mystical.


Still dumbstruck by her “divine” presence, all Benjamin could do was remain locked under it. As he raked curious eyes against her form, Tanner stopped by his side, having caught up to them. The other man peered at their companion as well, observing her in a more studious manner, Stepping to his lover, he tapped his arm, forcing Benjamin’s gaze away from the woman.


“There you are,” Tanner called out, holding the other’s parasol in the air to shield his rapidly heating skin. “What’s happened now? Who’s this lady?”  His sunglasses returned to their owner’s person as alabaster and gold hands embraced once more. Prying his orbs away from the woman, Benjamin wrapped an arm around his lover’s, drawing him in closer.


“I accidentally ran into her,” the other man frantically explained as his other companion looked on calmly. “I didn’t mean to, but she’s okay. Well, I think so.” Nodding a bit, she smiled once more, bright and eternally cheerful. Her magenta orbs scanned the two as well, seemingly curious as they were. “Isn’t that right, Miss-?”


“Inanna,” the woman recited, tongue dancing along her given name’s syllables. As if imbued with magic, her voice struck both men’s consciousnesses. They jerked straight up, further drawing her intrigue. A burst of excitement welled within her, open to countless new possibilities. “I’m Inanna Donati, and it’s quite all right. And you two gentlemen are-?”


As she spoke, the compelling nature in her eyes made itself present through her dialect. It brought to mind an Italian’s natural accent. Eloquent and husky, her tones swiftly enthralled both men, their ears carefully listening to what she articulated. Like sirens of legend, her voice seemed to pull at their innermost selves, reciting some sort of manipulative spell.


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