A Few Quiet Beers with God

A Few Quiet Beers with God

‘A Few Quiet Beers with God’ is a two-part novel in a sci-fi/comedy genre, set in the year 2031.

The plot unravels through the eyes of Dave, a roguish unemployed knockabout who spends most of his time in his local pub, the Stranglers Bar. Just as he is beginning to inwardly doubt his fruitless lifestyle, he meets the girl of his dreams, Alexandra. She becomes a new focus for his existence.

Meanwhile two very powerful enemies, the arrogant, obese Morgan W. Morgan and the conceited, handsome Harry Hieshler, are battling for control of the global television market. In order to lift his station’s ratings, Hieshler enlists the aid of his only non-enemy: a breathtakingly handsome, athletic, machismo, megastar soccer player who is simply known as ‘God’ to his adoring public.

Hieshler’s staff (he does little work himself) creates a marketing ploy – a competition that can only be entered by watching their station. The winner receives the ultimate prize – a date with God! Their ratings soar.

Meanwhile Dave has the night of his life with Alexandra and promises to call her the next evening. But alas! From there things go astray, and Dave gets drawn into the murky world of competition between Morgan and Hielshler, coupled with his yearning to find Alexandra. Part one ends with a resolution that you definitely won’t see coming.

Part two begins with … no, even a hint would spoil it!

If you enjoy offbeat, irreverent comedies, and crazy sci-fi adventures, then you’ll love A Few Quiet Beers with God. It has shades of Douglas Adams’ Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Grant Naylor’s backwards-ness in Red Dwarf, and even the future para-realism of Ben Elton’s Stark.

The story references, among other things, adaption to new technologies, the explosion of social media sites, the all pervasive nature of the media, and, of course, lost pens.

Best suited to ages 12 and up. New adults and adults who are young at heart will enjoy the oblique references to “the old days” of the early 21st century.

Links Web: www.JPpublishingAustralia.com

Read a sample: https://jppublishingaustralia.wordpress.com/sample-a-few-quiet-beers-with-god/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Few-Quiet-Beers-God-ebook/dp/B00T6RSN9I/

Amazon Australia: http://www.amazon.com.au/Few-Quiet-Beers-God-ebook/dp/B00T6RSN9I/

Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/John-Perrier/e/B00CJ3JKU2/

Goodreads Author page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4083632.John_Perrier

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