Horror Special: TV Apocalypse

My worst nightmare … TV Apocalypse… Shudders….

Anyway – today I have a short read in need of your help to push it through the Kindle Scout program (which apparently doesn’t involve abseiling or tying knots). Check out Kathleen Rovner and her apocalypse…


Mondays are hard enough for stay-at-home mom Daisy Danner. But this one is the worst: the world became a nightmare overnight, families being torn apart under an eerie attack. With her husband, Justin, missing and physical issues of her own, Daisy may have to raise her kids alone in this menacing new world. Even if Justin returns, he may be dangerous. The world outside is falling apart, and Daisy may be too. Can she hold it together to keep danger away from her family? Or will it all be too much?


You can find out more and read reviews over here:  https://pukahworks.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/book-review-tv-apocalypse/

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