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Information for authors

Last year Nicole Delacroix let me share some fantastic article she had written about social networking for authors and I’ve just heard she’s put it out as an ebook free for download. If you haven’t caught up with it yet then I strongly recommend you pick it up now.

PDF: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzi…

KINDLE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzi…

EPUB/IPAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzi…


And you can find out more about Nicole Here

Author Social Media Checklist

A while ago I was doing some promoting on Goodreads and I got talking with amazing author Nicole Delacroix who has written lots of articles offering tips and insights into indie publishing. Nicole very kindly donated the following article on social media which is a must for all newbies. This is an abbreviated article, but I strongly recommend you read the in-depth version too, as well as checking out her site for more tips and ideas. http://nicole-delacroix.com/


Author Social Media Checklist: For in-depth article click here: Author Social Media Checklist

Have you been ignoring social media? Think you don’t have time for it? Or that ‘readers will come if my book is in stores’? Do all the different forms of social media seem overwhelming?

There is so much information but I formulated a quick list of the top items every writer/author should be looking at for Social Media avenues. First thing is decide how much time you are willing to devote to Social Media – and you will have to devote time. But if you can find 2 hours a week, you can start to build a long lasting platform.

This list is by no means all that’s available; I isolated the most important and most influential ones to start. These are listed in order of importance – based on my opinion only – but again, every platform is different. You have to decide which avenues are right for you and your message.

  • Personal Website: This is the number one – absolute MUST HAVE for social media.  Whether you blog or not, you must have your own corner of the World Wide Web for readers and fans to find you.  Remember – your personal website is the CENTER of your Universe. All of your other social media sites should reflect and always point the reader back to your site. For in-depth article click here:  Personal Website
  • goodreads.com: Goodreads is a social channel that is perfect for authors! Recently acquired by Amazon.com, the site was designed by readers for readers. If you haven’t already joined, run to your computer now – go on… I’ll wait – you can join even if you haven’t published yet. For in-depth article click here:  Goodreads
  • facebook.com: Facebook is the King of social media. If you’re serious about having a career as a writer, you must have a Facebook Author Page where fans can “LIKE” your page and keep up with your events. It’s critical to keep your fan page updated with fun information to keep your readers engaged and anticipating your next book. For in-depth article click here:  Facebook
  • twitter.com: If Facebook is the King, then Twitter is the Queen. Twitter is especially helpful to authors as it helps you connect with your readers and other authors around the globe. Twitter can connect you with the greatest minds in publishing, writing, editing and marketing. For in-depth article click here: Twitter

Lastly, a few key points to remember when formulating your social media plan and especially, once you’ve implemented it.

  1. Social Media sites are a collection of parties. No matter how savvy you are, social media is like a party. Make sure you understand the rules of the party before you start a conversation or you could end up with egg on your face.
  2. Have a clear goal and plan for each Social Media channel. Don’t join a site just to say you have Social Media. Have a plan and a purpose.
  3. Patience Grasshopper. Don’t expect to sign up on a site and everyone on that site wants to be your friend. You need to put forth the effort to attract the right Above all else, never, and I mean NEVER buy followers. It’s cheap, dishonest, and it doesn’t get you actual readers or fans.
  4. Don’t focus on building an audience. I know, you just went, “what?!” I say that to mean, focus on giving value to the people that already follow you, you will attract more people like that if you do. That’s the audience you want – people who truly want to hear what you’re saying.
  5. Cultivate your mailing list. Encourage your followers on all your social media sites to join your mailing list. This is where your blogging becomes important, because your blog is personal, and your fans want to be a part of your world.
  6. Be everywhere. I know I just finished saying don’t join every site, and that’s still true, but what I mean is that you want to claim your “names” and any variation of them as a form of protection. That way your fans always know you’re in control: control your name and your brand.
  7. Quality. No matter what, make sure you’ve given your absolute 100% best quality on everything you do. You control how your readers perceive the message – make sure they want to come back for more.
  8. Schedule. Whatever time you have decided to allocate to Social Media, make sure you have a set schedule.
  9. Define your message. Make sure no matter what, you control the message that is sent to your readers. There is nothing worse for a fan then when they think they are talking to the author and find out it’s only some web administrator with no access. Treat your readers like they deserve to be treated and you will have a fan base filled with loyal readers who can’t wait for your next book.

I hope this has helped you start to focus where you want to take your Social Media plans in the future, I know I’ve given you a lot to think about.  I’ve provided links to all the in-depth articles for more information so if you have any questions or comments between now and then, please send me a comment.  I will try to answer you as quickly and completely as I can.


Okay so be honest how many of these are you doing right? I think, now at least, I’m ticking off 100% but it isn’t easy and every now and again I like to refresh this article whenever I feel like the world wide web is derailing me slightly. If you do get chance please go over to Nicole’s site, it’s a great place to post questions and connect with a really wonderful author with a great attitude when it comes to indie publishing. Tell her I said ‘hi’.