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THE ROAD TO PURIFICATION: Hustlers, Hassles & Hash

THE ROAD TO PURIFICATION: Hustlers, Hassles & Hash

When Mad Harry spontaneously books a flight for Egypt, he doesn’t know that he’s about to embark on a fate given pilgrimage. In fact, he’s not even sure why he’s going, or what he’s going to do when he gets there. All he knows is he’s got to get away. Guided by signs in numbers, names and otherworldly encounters, Mad Harry’s trip often seems to be a magical manifestation of his mind. A crazy headed, hassle driven, sleep deprived, dope smoking journey with non-stop tests of trust and temptation. A holiday this is not. This good humoured true story is told in a frank, rhythmic and playful voice. Set in 2010, shortly before the revolution, it’s a backpacking odyssey through tremendous temples, towering pyramids, chaotic cities, small villages and dirty beaches, with a backdrop of ancient spiritual gnosis! A post-modern, pot smoking Egyptian pilgrimage…


About the Author

Harry Whitewolf has always lived in two worlds. In the real world, he’s a writer and a traveller – with a background in visual art, performance poetry and workshop tuition. In the ethereal world, he’s a spiritual warrior. He lives life by following signs, following dreams and following his heart. But he’s not ashamed of admitting that he often screws it all up. His writing has a distinctive style all of its own, but its beat driven prose is certainly inspired by those tea toking cheap trick beatnik geniuses of bygone bebop days, combining metaphysical meanderings with sex, drugs and travel. Harry’s been experiencing The 11:11 Phenomenon for the past decade. An experience shared by thousands upon thousands of people around the world. And like Harry, most thought they were the only ones seeing 11:11 all the time, until they found out they certainly were not alone. Harry Whitewolf, contrary to popular belief, is actually just a bloke and not of a canine species. He was born in 1976 and lives in England. He hopes to see world peace in his lifetime, and yes, he believes miracles are possible. Find Harry Whitewolf, his writing, his books and his blog over at http://www.goodreads.com


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