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Halloween Special – Scorn Kills

We had the first book in the Devil’s Due series by Suzi Albracht, today it’s Scorn Kills.

Scorn Kills is the dark, twisty story of what can happen when a man who breaks both his holy marriage vows and the contract he signed in blood.

You could ask Bill about his tale, but right now he’s got a big problem. You see, somehow, he woke up in some dead guy’s coffin, underneath someone else’s body; and now he has to worry about that crematory furnace he can hear firing up.

Scorn Kills has been called a kind of cool Twilight Zone- esque novel with unusual twists and turns. It gets into the head of the Bill Branch as he gets himself deeper, and deeper down a path of destruction. You can decide for yourself if he deserves what happens to him.

The story of Scorn Kills is unique and not like any other.

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