Advertising and Promotion

About Limelight

It’s hard getting your work out there but there are lots of great places where you can advertise your work for free and Limelight hopes to be one of those places.

We take all types of books and are particularly interested in indie authors. All our blog posts will feature via twitter, FB and Google, plus many other places we happen to hang out in. You’ll get your own feature, which you can prepare and have a whole day to yourself on the blog.

We work on a first come first served basis and every post is free of charge… That’s right you do not have to pay to promote here – why not? Well because it costs me nothing to put you up. So all you have to do is provide me with the below and get in queue. You’ll be contacted the day your post goes live.


Come on what’s the catch?

All we ask is that you like the FB page: and add us to other social networks that we’re on.


Really? No catch?

Well not really.


Wait, what do you mean not really?

Okay, one very slight catch. Your post has to be original. In other words what you post here cannot just be your blurb and your book cover, which is the same promo material that is going to appear on twenty different blogs this week. This is for our audience but also for you too. If, after you’ve posted here, you want to use the post on other blogs then that’s no problem – but we would like the exclusive please. We believe that original posts will attract a wider audience so it’s within your interest to comply.


What can I post?


2. A character piece/intro

3. Any exclusive promo material that has not yet appeared anywhere else

4. The first chapter/intro to a book not yet available for Sample Download

5. A character interview

6. An author interview

7. The only break in exclusivity that is allowed is details of competitions/free promos etc. If you are not sure then please email.

If you are interested in having an interview, please email a link to your book/author page to and I will send you some questions.

If your promo/competition runs at a certain time please specify what day your post should appear on. PLEASE NOTE: I will try to match posts with appropriate days if possible so non-date specific posts may be slotted around spasmodically.

Your post should be written – not a podcast or video trailer and can be accompanied by a maximum of two images. Please use image URLs instead of sending me the actual images. Some explicit images may not be shown in which case we will replace your image with a “safe picture” but will allow the link to go to your image URL so readers can view this responsibly.

You can also provide up to three links too.


What won’t be posted?

We don’t review and we don’t post reviews. Although you can quote reviews and mention star ratings we will not post entire reviews. Limelight currently does not review work and there are no plans to do so in the future.

We are not interested in posting your blurb either. I’m sure it’s good but readers can pick that up anywhere.


Sign me up

Okay, email your request/info to as soon as you are ready and we will be in touch.

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