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Excerpt from The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: Little Green Dragon

Here’s the final extract from the three books in The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: A Read & Bake Series. Take a look.

Excerpt from The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: Little Green Dragon

Celia and Cedric were having an awesome adventure at Cedric’s house. They were pretending that a little green dragon was chasing them.

“Run, run, Cedric!” shouted Celia. “Or the little green dragon will catch you and eat you for a snack!”

Celia and Cedric ran and hid behind the giant apple tree in Cedric’s yard.


Then Cedric said, “Oh, no, the little green dragon sees us. Here it comes! Let’s hide at the back of the house.”

“AHHHH!,” screamed Celia, “Here comes the little green dragon again. Let’s run as fast as we can down the street to my house.”


Celia and Cedric ran as fast as they could into Celia’s yard and ducked down in the grass behind the white picket fence. Surely, the little green dragon would never find them there.

“Oh no,” whispered Cedric. “The Little Green Dragon is sneaking up on us from around the corner of the house. What can we do now?”

“Quick, quick,” said Celia, “Let’s run quietly to the garden shed and put on one of my mom’s garden hats. We can stand still like statues so it won’t recognize us.”


“I know how we can stop the little green dragon from chasing us,” whispered Cedric into Celia’s ear. “Let’s sneak up and plop that flower pot over his head.”


Just then Celia’s mother called out, “Celia and Cedric, you must be very hot and exhausted from the little green dragon chasing you. Come into the kitchen and let’s make a cool, yummy drink for you.”


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The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: EAT DIRT BALLS!

Here’s the next extract from the three books in The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: A Read & Bake Series. Take a look.

Excerpt from The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: EAT DIRT BALLS!

It was Saturday morning. Celia opened her eyes then jumped out of bed, ran to the window and watched raindrops running down her window. She watched them as they made wiggly paths all the way down and into the wet dirt below.


Suddenly, she had an idea. She asked her mom if she could call Cedric to share her great idea.

“Yes, you may,” said her mother, “then get washed up and have your breakfast.”

“Thanks mom!”, said Celia as she went to call Cedric.


The phone rang at Cedric’s house. “Hello, this is Cedric”, he said.

“Good morning, Cedric”, said Celia. “I have a fun idea. Do you want to hear it?”

“Oh, yes please”, answered Cedric.

“Well,” Celia replied, “it rained last night so there’s lots of mud in our garden. Let’s pretend we have a Snack Shop and we’ll make all kinds of yummy treats to serve all the people who come to our Snack Shop. We can use my play Snack set with all the cups and plates and spoon and forks”.

“Cool idea!,” exclaimed Cedric. “I’ll be right over after I eat my breakfast.”


Cedric ate breakfast at his house. Celia ate breakfast at her house. Then Cedric hurried to Celia’s house and rang the doorbell. Celia opened the door holding a

bucket filled with two little shovels and other utensils to make mud treats for their Snack Shop.


After spotting a very muddy patch of dirt in the garden, Celia and Cedric set up all their digging utensils and plates.

“What should we make first?” asked Celia.

“We could make pancakes,” suggested Cedric.

They used their shovels to dig up dirt and patted it into flat pancakes. But when they tried to lift the pancakes onto plates the pancakes just broke into pieces.

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So they tried making chocolate cupcakes. They filled a little Snack cup with dirt and turned it upside-down, just like they would make a sand castle. But the cupcakes fell to pieces too.

Cedric said, “Nothing is working. What will we do? We’ll never be able to play Snack Shop with this mess.”


As they thought about what to do, they each held a handful of mud and rolled it around in their hands. Suddenly, at the same time, Celia and Cedric shouted, “I made a dirt ball and it’s sticking together!” “Yay!” they shouted.


“I know, I know!” exclaimed Cedric. “Let’s roll them in grass clippings from the lawn. That will help them really stick together.”

Busily, they made more dirt balls and piled them high on a plate. When the plate couldn’t hold any more dirtballs, Celia and Cedric ran to show Celia’s mother.


“Oh, they look so tasty,” said Celia’s mom, licking her lips. Celia and Cedric smiled and said, “We wish we could eat them!”

“Well, I have an idea,” smiled Celia’s mom. “I have a recipe for dirt balls you CAN eat!”


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Whose Castle Is This?

Here’s another new release from Curtis Florence and his novel Whose Castle Is This?



This story is about family love, togetherness, and coming of age. Two sisters learn to work together and realize just how valuable they are to each other. They also learn that individuality is not only okay but important in life.


Curtis Florence

I was born in New York City and moved to North Carolina as a teenager. I have always loved writing and reading since about the age of seven. I began writing poetry and ventured in to Hip Hop music and then in to writing short stories and essays. My passion is writing children’s books and self help books for adults. My goal is for my literature to be embraced by people all over the world.


You can download this book from Amazon.


Who Do You Think You Are Today?

Another new release for you today. Take a look at Who Do You Think You Are Today, by Curtis Florence and discover a unique Christmas present for you an your children.



This book is an exploration in to a child’s mind. When life seems dull sometimes we have to be reminded to use our magnetic imagination to achieve things in life.


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Santa Claus Drives a Spaceship (Part Two)

Here’s part two of Santa Claus Drives a Spaceship…


Santa’s Spaceship

The stars we see twinkling in the night sky are other Suns like ours, and they are far away. The nearest is the Alpha Centauri binary (binary means there are two) star system, and it is 4.2 light years away. The distances between stars is measured in light-years, a light-year is the distance light travels in one year. Light moves fast, its speed is 186,000 miles per second, so in 4.2 years it will have traveled a long distance.

The space between the stars is mostly empty, and so there is no friction and a spaceship could in theory move so fast that it could travel the large distances in reasonable times. But it so happens that the amount of fuel and the time required to move that fast are both so large, that this does not work. But there is another way.

The very great scientist Professor Albert Einstein discovered a way to travel between stars in a reasonable time. He called his discovery Time Contraction. It turns out that if a spaceship goes fast enough, as it approaches the speed of light then time slows down for it, time passes slower for it. As the spaceship approaches the speed of light time is said to contract, that is it slows down for the ship and people in it. Since time has slowed down for Santa Claus in his spaceship, he has time to visit all the children. Professor Einstein’s discoveries are so wonderful (he discovered and gave us atomic energy as well as interstellar space flight) that I will show you a picture of him, here it is.


Professor Albert Einstein

 In order to reach light speed Santa’s spaceship must accelerate rapidly for some time (but not so rapidly as to possibly harm him and his Elf helpers). To do this requires a lot of energy, so much that ordinary chemical fueled rockets will not work. After thinking about this for a while, Santa had a brilliant idea; why not use atomic energy to propel the spaceship? Santa knows that atomic reactions supply much more energy than chemical reactions, about a million times more, and so atomic energy would do the job; but where to get the atomic reactor to supply the atomic energy?

It turned out there was a U.S. Navy surplus reactor available that would do the job. The Navy had a two stage liquid sodium to water uranium powered reactor that used to propel an atomic submarine, but the submarine was taken out of service. When the Navy learned that Santa Claus needed the reactor to help bring children Christmas gifts across the universe, they gave the reactor to him.

On the submarine the reactor’s heat generated high pressure steam that by going through a turbine (a turbine has blades something like a fan) turned the turbine’s blades that then turned the submarine’s propellers, but now in Santa’s spaceship the reactor’s high pressure steam jets out into space from the rear of Santa’s spaceship, propelling it like a rocket to near light speed.

Santa still has his sleigh and reindeer, he takes them with him on the spaceship, and when the ship arrives off they go! (there is a picture of Santa, sleigh and reindeer at the rear of this ebook). The spaceship ensures that every little boy and girl will get a visit from Santa, no matter where they are. The movie ET (Extra Terrestrial) told about a space alien named ET who visited Earth and made friends here with a little boy, before he returned home. ET asked me to say hello for him to all you boys and girls on Earth, and I told him, “Why not say it yourself?” and he said OK. ET cannot say hello to you in person, but here is a picture of him saying hello to you.


Hello boys and girls of Earth, I am ET and I send you my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas.


I know that ET does not look like us, but he is a very nice and friendly person. If you have ouchies he heals them with his glowing fingertip. Just because someone does not look just like us, is no reason we cannot be good friends, boys and girls please remember that. ET tells me he is planning a return visit to Earth soon, and maybe you will see him.

My job is to help Santa with his spaceship, and I have to go now. It has been very nice telling you about Santa Claus and his spaceship, I enjoyed it and I hope you did too.

Goodbye and a very Merry Christmas to you personally!


Phillip Duke Ph.D. Author


Hi boys and girls, my sack is full of goodies for you, and I will be there soon!


I have written and published several ebooks that you might like to read. One ebook is about Interstellar Space Flight, snd its title is “Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Difficult.” If you are interested in flying you will like “Principles Of Flight” and if you play Chess I have an ebook for you titled “Chess Theory.” If you like reading Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson detective mystery stories, I have written several. All my ebooks are listed, briefly described and linked on my website Philduke.weebly.com. The website has five ebook Carousels, come visit and spin them!

If for any reason you want to read a specific ebook of mine but there is a problem with purchasing it, just email me the ebook’s title, and I will send the ebook to you. My email address is drpduke@wmconnect.com and you are invited to email me anytime. Some ebook covers are shown below.





Detective Sherlock Holmes And Doctor James Watson.


I close with a picture of Santa Claus, who says good-bye for now, and a very Merry Christmas to you!


Big thanks to Phillip Duke and a Merry Christmas to him too!