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‘The Trouble with Wyrms’ Trilogy

From today until 19th of this month you can get all three of Mike Williams’ books for half price. What are you waiting for? Oh some blurbs… coming right up:


England in 1912 – suspicious of war and of Germany in particular, not the best of times for a group of women to appear in tweeds and sensible shoes, looking for all the world like Valkyries out for a picnic.

Mistaken for spies and suffragettes in equal measure, these charming ladies have arrived from a distant planet a little to the left and slightly to the right of the buckle on Orion’s belt. They have one purpose in mind, to find the Stately Wyrms of England and defeat the evil usurper of the Throne of Wyrm, the sorcerer Tarantulus Spleen – a terrifying tyrant of a man with a face like a bluebottle.

Vermyn Stench, the head of Spleen’s Secret Service, has tracked the Sisterhood to the quiet Derbyshire village of Sodden-On-The-Bog and has sent his army of rats in pursuit. Rats, big rats, bloody big rats – rats that could go through your undercarriage like a doctor’s thermometer. Rats with bowler hats and shot guns and a hatred of anything tweed – rats that appear suddenly from nowhere, take over your pub and throw the landlord out the window. Add to this mix a touch of witchcraft, a whiff of perfume, strange snoring noises coming from deep below the village square and a member of parliament taken to shaving off his moustache, wearing dresses and entertaining the military, only then will you realize why the entire village is better off at the bottom of a reservoir than a place on the map marked ‘Here be Germs.’

Lavender and Haddock – the first in a trilogy of books recounting the quest of a group of women all named after fish to find peace, enlightenment and the Stately Wyrms of England.

Grubdale, in the year 1912 – a quaint Victorian town nestled among the sheep and turnips of Northern England, boasting a Regiment of Rifles, Zoological Gardens and the most expensive, grandest of hotels this side of Blackpool. But all is not as it seems, The Alpine Palace is overflowing with German spies and the Regiment of Rifles overflowing with incompetence. The latest addition to the Zoological Gardens is eating its way through the rest of the exhibits and despite being billed by Professor Arbutus Broadbent as an Indian Giraffe, breathes fire when it sneezes, hates being covered in yellow paint and is demanding to be called ‘Your Majesty’ when spoken to. But all this is nothing as to the goings on up the hill in Grubdale Towers; a school for boys where a bad tin of sardines has created a vacancy on the staff that Rowena Carp is none too eager to fill. While the rest of the Sisterhood continue their search for the Stately Wyrms of England, Rowena must guard the last prince of Wyrm and teach ‘explosions’ to ‘horrid little boys’ unaware that with the capture of Bethesda Chubb by the enemy, Operation Big Secret may be secret no more. EDUCATING CREATURES – the second book in the ‘Trouble with Wyrms’ trilogy; the sequel to LAVENDER AND HADDOCK – the adventure continues…..

Grubdale in the year 1912, and with the cold winter wind comes a cold winter creature with eyes as dead as a three-day-old herring. He’s brought a few friends along for good measure – the dead and the dripping out for a stroll of an evening and all intent on attacking Grubdale Towers, a school for boys that is more Dotheboys Hall than Manchester Grammar. Bringing up the rear is the late night train from Frogwallop stuffed to the funnels with giant, trigger-happy rats; rats with weak bladders, terrible teeth and a hatred of anything tweed. Add to this confusion a less than brilliant Captain Dashing of the 1st Grubdale Rifles with orders to arrest any suffragette on sight, a giant blue dragon with a touch of the vapours being the wrong month of the millennium and the hapless Rowena Carp given orders to guard a spotty adolescent prince with more issues than a cockney soap. THE ALLURE OF THE RED WYRM – the final part of the ‘Trouble with Wyrms’ trilogy; the sequel to EDUCATING CREATURES – the adventure continues…..


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Santa Claus Drives a Spaceship (Part Two)

Here’s part two of Santa Claus Drives a Spaceship…


Santa’s Spaceship

The stars we see twinkling in the night sky are other Suns like ours, and they are far away. The nearest is the Alpha Centauri binary (binary means there are two) star system, and it is 4.2 light years away. The distances between stars is measured in light-years, a light-year is the distance light travels in one year. Light moves fast, its speed is 186,000 miles per second, so in 4.2 years it will have traveled a long distance.

The space between the stars is mostly empty, and so there is no friction and a spaceship could in theory move so fast that it could travel the large distances in reasonable times. But it so happens that the amount of fuel and the time required to move that fast are both so large, that this does not work. But there is another way.

The very great scientist Professor Albert Einstein discovered a way to travel between stars in a reasonable time. He called his discovery Time Contraction. It turns out that if a spaceship goes fast enough, as it approaches the speed of light then time slows down for it, time passes slower for it. As the spaceship approaches the speed of light time is said to contract, that is it slows down for the ship and people in it. Since time has slowed down for Santa Claus in his spaceship, he has time to visit all the children. Professor Einstein’s discoveries are so wonderful (he discovered and gave us atomic energy as well as interstellar space flight) that I will show you a picture of him, here it is.


Professor Albert Einstein

 In order to reach light speed Santa’s spaceship must accelerate rapidly for some time (but not so rapidly as to possibly harm him and his Elf helpers). To do this requires a lot of energy, so much that ordinary chemical fueled rockets will not work. After thinking about this for a while, Santa had a brilliant idea; why not use atomic energy to propel the spaceship? Santa knows that atomic reactions supply much more energy than chemical reactions, about a million times more, and so atomic energy would do the job; but where to get the atomic reactor to supply the atomic energy?

It turned out there was a U.S. Navy surplus reactor available that would do the job. The Navy had a two stage liquid sodium to water uranium powered reactor that used to propel an atomic submarine, but the submarine was taken out of service. When the Navy learned that Santa Claus needed the reactor to help bring children Christmas gifts across the universe, they gave the reactor to him.

On the submarine the reactor’s heat generated high pressure steam that by going through a turbine (a turbine has blades something like a fan) turned the turbine’s blades that then turned the submarine’s propellers, but now in Santa’s spaceship the reactor’s high pressure steam jets out into space from the rear of Santa’s spaceship, propelling it like a rocket to near light speed.

Santa still has his sleigh and reindeer, he takes them with him on the spaceship, and when the ship arrives off they go! (there is a picture of Santa, sleigh and reindeer at the rear of this ebook). The spaceship ensures that every little boy and girl will get a visit from Santa, no matter where they are. The movie ET (Extra Terrestrial) told about a space alien named ET who visited Earth and made friends here with a little boy, before he returned home. ET asked me to say hello for him to all you boys and girls on Earth, and I told him, “Why not say it yourself?” and he said OK. ET cannot say hello to you in person, but here is a picture of him saying hello to you.


Hello boys and girls of Earth, I am ET and I send you my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas.


I know that ET does not look like us, but he is a very nice and friendly person. If you have ouchies he heals them with his glowing fingertip. Just because someone does not look just like us, is no reason we cannot be good friends, boys and girls please remember that. ET tells me he is planning a return visit to Earth soon, and maybe you will see him.

My job is to help Santa with his spaceship, and I have to go now. It has been very nice telling you about Santa Claus and his spaceship, I enjoyed it and I hope you did too.

Goodbye and a very Merry Christmas to you personally!


Phillip Duke Ph.D. Author


Hi boys and girls, my sack is full of goodies for you, and I will be there soon!


I have written and published several ebooks that you might like to read. One ebook is about Interstellar Space Flight, snd its title is “Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Difficult.” If you are interested in flying you will like “Principles Of Flight” and if you play Chess I have an ebook for you titled “Chess Theory.” If you like reading Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson detective mystery stories, I have written several. All my ebooks are listed, briefly described and linked on my website Philduke.weebly.com. The website has five ebook Carousels, come visit and spin them!

If for any reason you want to read a specific ebook of mine but there is a problem with purchasing it, just email me the ebook’s title, and I will send the ebook to you. My email address is drpduke@wmconnect.com and you are invited to email me anytime. Some ebook covers are shown below.





Detective Sherlock Holmes And Doctor James Watson.


I close with a picture of Santa Claus, who says good-bye for now, and a very Merry Christmas to you!


Big thanks to Phillip Duke and a Merry Christmas to him too!

Santa Claus Drives a Spaceship

Is your tree up yet? Are you getting in the festive spirit? Well I’ve got something to help. Author Phillip Duke has written a short Christmas story especially for Limelight which is guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas, whatever galaxy you’re in…


Santa’s Spaceship A Christmas Story


Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Copyright Phillip Duke Ph.D. all rights reserved.

With 1362 words and 10 illustrations.



In the old days when the universe was seen as being much smaller, Santa Claus could get around very well with a sleigh pulled by his seven energetic and strong reindeer named Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph. Here is a picture of Santa’s original eight Reindeer, Rudolf joined them later.



Santa’s Reindeer.


Now that the universe is known to be much bigger, Santa Claus still is able to get around with his sleigh and reindeer here on Earth, but how about all the other children? How about the children on other worlds in our star cluster we call “The Milky Way?” They want Christmas presents too, and Santa has to give them a visit as well as all the children here on Earth. And, how about the children in other star clusters, called galaxies? They want Santa to come but they are very far away. Here is a picture of a distant star galaxy where many children are eagerly awaiting a visit from Santa Claus.

Even though the children on other worlds are very far away in space, Santa Claus is very resourceful, and he designed a spaceship so he can go and visit them. Santa’s Elves built the spaceship under his direction, in the giant workshop where the Christmas toys are made. Santa’s spaceship employs the latest spaceship technology, and with it he can visit children all over the universe in just one night. How is it possible, you ask, for Santa to go so far in just one night’s time?

I will tell you how it is possible, by telling you how Santa’s spaceship works. It may be a little hard for you to understand everything I say, but that is OK, you do not have to understand it, you just have to know that it works, and by using it Santa Claus will visit every child in the universe this coming Christmas eve.


Santa Claus says “Hi! I am coming to visit you soon!”

Tune in tomorrow to read all about Santa’s spaceship.

More About Phillip Duke: Philduke.weebly.com

The Wounded Warrior

Another new release this month. Have a look at The Wounded Warrior by Billy Whitefox.


The Wounded Warrior is a short story written by author and military veteran Tim Thomas. It is a short story adaptation of the origins of the river cane flute and the healing powers of flute medicine told to him by traditional river cane flute maker, Native American Music Award Winner (2005 Flutist of the Year) and Storyteller Billy Whitefox, a Creek Indian of Northwest Florida

Download from Amazon now.

The Scent of Roses – Countdown

I featured an exclusive from Margaret Brazear’s The Scent of Roses a couple of weeks ago and now this great book is on countdown promotion. Until the 9th you can download the story starting from $0.99 (normal price $3.99). Perfect for a Christmas night in.


To save her father from debtor’s prison and the noble name of her family from disgrace, Lady Felice Sutton agrees to marry Lord Christopher despite his reputation for violence and ruthlessness. She is grateful and is determined to make him a good wife, but his reputation is well earned and she finds being a good wife to him to be far more difficult than she ever suspected. She wants to love him, wants to have a future with him, but she is afraid to ask him why his first wife lies buried in a pauper’s grave, or why he still visits the peasant woman who has his children.
But when Lord Christopher discovers his peasant mistress dead, and immediately suspects Felice of poisoning her, she learns just how merciless he can be.

Set in England amid the black death of 1348, a pestilence which wiped out millions,
this is a story of love and passion, jealousy and sacrifice, and one woman’s quest to find goodness in a man who appears to have none to find.


Download this book on promotion from Amazon before 9th of December only $0.99


Christmas Pie Crescent


New release time – take a look at this Christmas cracker and find out how to win a free paperback copy.


Christmas Pie Crescent was a Christmas paradise… unless you were Holly Hayward. She hated Christmas. Having grown up in Christmas Pie Crescent, she couldn’t get out of there fast enough but now, as Christmas fast approached with no husband to inject the holiday spirit into their twins, it was up to her to make it a Christmas to remember except she didn’t know what to do. It’s out of her comfort zone and the only solution she could think of was to return to Christmas Pie Crescent… But what about what she saw that night when she was twelve? The night she stopped believing.

Then there’s Ryan Shaw, Christmas Pie Crescent’s newest resident at number five with his two children. Along with losing his wife, he also lost his Christmas spirit… then he meets the neighbours. With elves living at number seven, a sexy Mrs Claus at number four, Santa’s twin at number three and never mind the scary cat lady at number two, Ryan has to question himself, where the hell has he moved them to?

As the Christmas competitions begin, Ryan finds himself swept along in the festivities so why not take part and even win? Holly can’t think of anything worse but can Ryan change her mind and help her get her Christmas spirit back?

A festive funny full of love, laughter and heartache.

Available to download for Kindle and Kindle app and in paperback from Amazon from December 1st 2014.

Amazon.co.uk ~ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Christmas-Pie-Crescent-Kerry-Frith-ebook/dp/B00OICB64U

Amazon.com ~ http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Pie-Crescent-Kerry-Frith-ebook/dp/B00OICB64U



Christmas Pie Crescent is your new book – can you tell us about the crescent, are there really elves living there?

Christmas Pie crescent is one of those places where everyone knows everyone. They pop in and out of each other’s houses for a cup of tea and are never too busy to stop for a chat but come Christmas time, it’s an entirely different story. Best friends become enemies because they all want to win that Christmas crown. Unfortunately the only elves living in the crescent are in the shape of gay couple Keith and Lionel at number seven, who like to dress as elves!

Holly Hayward is your leading lady, she’s not exactly a Christmas lover – what can you tell us about her?

Holly doesn’t like Christmas because when she was 12 she witnessed something no child should see. That night she stopped believing and developed a hate for all things Christmassy. Her parents on the other hand, are big on Christmas. The original Mr and Mrs Clause so whilst she’s happy to visit her parents all year, come December she avoids it like the plaque. This Christmas though, is her first without her husband and she finds herself at a loss. Because of the situation she promises her twins the best Christmas ever but it’s out of her comfort zone and the only solution she can think of is to return to Christmas Pie Crescent. The twins are over the moon as it’ll be their first Christmas there but for Holly, it’s her worse nightmare. She has to face the only thing she’d tried her hardest to forget.

What about the new single dad in the neighbourhood, Ryan Shaw, what is he like?

Ryan is just lovely! His back story is sad. He lost his wife the previous November so last Christmas wasn’t very good at all but this year he wants his two kids to enjoy it and the only way he can think of is by moving house and starting again. He finds himself in Christmas Pie Crescent but he has no idea what he’s let himself in for and at first, he thinks where the bloody hell has he moved to. He thinks his neighbours are complete nutters and should be locked up. There’s no way he plans on taking part in all the festive madness but his twin sister and daughter have other ideas. Soon enough, he finds himself in the thick of it and it’s not so bad. He pines desperately after his wife and thinks moving was a mistake because nothing reminds him of her in the new house. His kids are his main priority and his heart belongs to Ellie but when he sees Holly, he finds himself distracted and he feels guilty for it.

What Christmas festivities take place – is this a traditional Christmas or a tacky one?

Do you know what, it’s a bit of both! There’s plenty of Christmas lights and displays that make the Americans look tame. Competitions include battle of the bulbs, deck the halls and the Christmas bake-off. Competition is fierce and some people will do anything to win.

Aside from Holly and Ryan, who is your favourite character in the book?

This one is easy! Issy, Ryan’s twin sister! She’s fun, kind hearted and keeps Ryan in check. I love her so much in fact that I’m 9 chapters in, into her own story! I just wasn’t happy leaving her in the background and wanted to expand her character some more. The new book will also give you an insight into what Holly and Ryan have been up to since. I am aiming to have it published around Easter time.

And what is your favourite scene?

Ooh, let me think… there’s a few to be honest. For Holly, I’d say when she’s queuing to see Santa and is attacked by an elf… and for Ryan, the elf stake out. I laughed at both while writing them!

You’re a prolific author, aside from Christmas Pie Crescent, what your favourite book that you have written?

This is so tough! I have enjoyed writing all of them… but I think I’ll go with April’s Busman Holiday. It’s different from my previous books because whilst it’s still romantically themed, it’s also a whodunit. I just love April, her wit and humour and it was my first attempt at murder mystery. It was hard but so much fun! Book 2 How to catch a jewel thief will be out next year.

How will you be spending your Christmas this year?

At home with my husband and children and plenty of food and drink!

Finally what advice would you give an aspiring author?

Never give up! It’s a long winding road with so many learning curves. I’ve been at it for two years and I’m still learning. Negativity is never good and my first bad review felt like I’d been slapped in the face but then it made me realise without the bad, I wouldn’t know how to improve. It made me learn how to turn a negative into a positive and I think I have flourished and the good reviews make you realise why you do it.


Kerry Frith is a self-published author of The Cocktails & Tattoo series, Handbags at Dawn, April’s Busman Holiday (The Maxwell Mysteries #1) and her new up and coming festive funny, Christmas Pie Crescent. She’s an East London girl with a mad passion for writing. When she isn’t writing, she’s busy being a mum.

If you would like to win a signed paperback copy (UK only) or Kindle edition (everywhere else) join the online launch party today https://www.facebook.com/events/718756248161097/ and take part on the day ~ Sunday 7th December. Signed paperbacks will also be available to purchase directly from the author.



Lets start the week with a bit of demonic rebellion shall we. Check out this exclusive blurb and extract from  author Tyrone Tony Reed Jr and his book S.O.L.A.D:
Exclusive blurb: 
What would you do if you were the only person who could save a world overrun by demons?

Would you run and hide?

Or would you stand and fight as a Soldier of Light Against Darkness?

Exclusive extract: from Chapter 8 “No Mercy: Part One”

Jeff was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of the three 23-year-old women working inside the supply warehouse in the Village of St. Louis. He and Melanie had been sent by Wiseman J to pick up food and other supplies from the closest village to the Village of Memphis.

Even though he was on an important mission, Jeff couldn’t resist the temptation to flirt.

“So, beautiful ladies, which one of you would like to go out with a famous demon slayer tonight?” Jeff asked as he ran his hands through his hair, smiled and waited for their replies.

Melanie pushed a sack of apples into Jeff’s chest. “Take it easy, lustaholic. They’re not thinking of you when you say ‘demon slayer.’”

The three women giggled and continued helping other villagers seeking goods for their villages.

Jeff carried the sack of apples to the doorway of the warehouse and looked back at Melanie. “Then who are they thinking of?”

“If you’re talking about a male demon slayer, then it’s Angelo. Who else?” Melanie smiled as she picked out grapes and strawberries and placed them into a sack. “If you’re talking about a handsome, charming man with super powers who slays demons, it’s definitely Angelo.”

Jeff frowned. “He’s not the only demon slayer.”

“That’s right,” Melanie said. “There’s Angeline. She’s a true role model for all women.”

Melanie handed Jeff a sack of oranges and went to pick out some potatoes.

Jeff sat the sack next to the sack of apples and let out a loud sigh. “This is unbelievable.”

“I know,” Melanie said as she filled up a sack with potatoes. “It’s getting harder and harder for every village to supply enough food for its villagers. Thank God the Village of St. Louis is still thriving and able to harvest enough food to feed 20 villages.”

Jeff walked over to Melanie and grabbed the sack of potatoes from her. “I’m not talking about the supplies. I’m talking about Angelo and Angeline.”

“What about them?”

Jeff threw the sack of potatoes near the doorway.

“Hey,” Melanie said. “Be careful.”

Jeff sat down in a chair next to the doorway and folded his arms. “I’m just sick of hearing about them. I’ve been fighting demons for the last six years, saving countless lives. Then Angelo and Angeline show up and everyone forgets about what I’ve done.”

Melanie walked over to Jeff and put her hand on his shoulder. “Look, nobody has forgotten what you have done. So don’t get jealous. Angelo and Angeline are just here to help fight, especially against super-powered demons like the ones we fought against nearly a month ago.”

Jeff’s voice softened. “How are you doing with that stuff that demon did to you?”

“I’m getting a little better every day,” Melanie said. “I appreciate you, Juanita, Kevin and Uncle J being there for me. So, let me be here for you now. You are a great hero, Jeff and no one will ever forget what you’ve done and are still doing. I think everyone is just excited because Uncle J’s prophecy is being fulfilled.”

“People used to be excited about me,” Jeff said as he leaned back in the chair.

“They still are. Just give Angelo and Angeline a chance. Work with them and I’m sure…”

Alarms around the village sounded and Jeff and Melanie heard and felt explosions coming from outside. 

Screaming people, with numerous injuries and blood-stained clothes, ran into the warehouse.

Jeff and Melanie ran outside and saw hundreds of bodies scattered across the village.

A man limped toward the warehouse as other people ran towards the village gates. He fell towards Jeff, who caught him and carried him inside.

“What happened?” Jeff asked. He was worried and had never seen anything do what had just been done to the Village of St. Louis and its villagers in a matter of seconds.

 “I don’t know,” said the man, whose legs were covered in blood. “There was something in the sky…looked like a flying man…and then something came from his hand. It was small at first…a small ball of orange light. It grew and grew until it was as big as a car. As he moved around in the air, the ball of light moved with him and then he made a small motion, like he was pushing it and the ball of light flew down towards us.”

Melanie found a towel and poured bottled water on it. She wiped the man’s leg as Jeff continued to talk with the man, trying to keep him conscious.

“Where were you when this happened?” Jeff asked as the man shook violently. Jeff grabbed the man and held him tight.

“He’s going into shock, Jeff.” Tears streamed down Melanie’s face as she looked around at the other villagers in the warehouse.

The warehouse employees were trying to help as many of the injured as they could, but many of the injured had died upon entering the warehouse. While half of the employees rendered aid, the other half stacked the dead in a corner and covered them up with tarps.

The eyes of the man Jeff talked to rolled into the back of the man’s head and Jeff knew, from his past failed rescue missions, that the man was about to die. But, he still needed to know what was outside slaughtering the villagers of St. Louis.

“Look, mister. I know you’re in a lot of pain and I know it may be hard for you to concentrate right now, but I need to know what happened when the light hit the area you were in.” Jeff shook the man until the man’s eyes stared at him.

“It hit the playground,” the man said as his eyes filled with tears. “I…was…watching my daughter and her friends swing on the swing set. When we saw the man in the sky, we thought it was Angelo…but, it wasn’t him. The light shot towards us…and…and…”

Jeff shook the man hard. “And what?”

“Stop it, Jeff,” Melanie said, afraid that Jeff would shake the man to his impending death.

“I must have blacked out,” the man said. Blood ran from his mouth and his eyes rolled back into his head again. “When I woke up, I was lying… on the ground… and my daughter’s… head, her precious little head… was lying next to me.” Tears ran down the man’s cheeks. “The rest of her body and the bodies of so many… many others…were in a big crater where the playground had been.”

The man’s pupils were no longer visible as his body went limp.

Jeff checked the man’s pulse. “He’s dead.”

Melanie stopped wiping the blood off the man’s legs and placed the towel over his face. She stood up and wiped her eyes with the sleeves of her shirt. “We need to contact Uncle J.”

Jeff pulled out the keys to Wiseman J’s SUV and started out the front door of the warehouse when Melanie grabbed his arm.

“Where do you think you’re going, Jeff?”

“I’m going to get my weapons and see if I can stop this thing.”

“Well, I can tell you from what I’ve seen and heard that you can’t.”

“Yes, I can.”

“No, we need Angelo and Angeline and Uncle J is the only one who can get in contact with them.”

“You might need them, but I can handle this myself,” Jeff said. “I just have to get to my weapons.”

Melanie looked out the door and then back at Jeff. “Well, if you can get through that, I think you might have a chance.” Melanie opened the door wide so Jeff could see outside.

It was raining, but it wasn’t water that was falling from the sky. It was blood and flesh. Body parts hit the ground with a “plop” and the blood filled up several craters throughout the village that the demon’s orbs of light had created.

Jeff closed the door and locked it. He hung his head down and handed a transmitter to Melanie. “Call your uncle. Tell him we need help.”

Where to get it: 
The US links are: http://amzn.to/1zE511L (Amazon.com)
The UK link is: http://amzn.to/1xVgQ4u (Amazon.co.uk)
To learn more about the author: http://ttreed2009.wix.com/tyronetonyreedjr


The Fall

Take a look at this book trailer from L Sommers’ The Fall.



Download the book from Amazon US or Amazon UK now!

Seasons of Fate

Who fancies a bit of Romance? Take a look at the blurb for Seasons of Fate by Avery E Greene and let us know what you think.

‘My life had been difficult, I had dealt with emotional and physical abuse for years, but fate finally decided to step in and introduce me to the life I should have always had, with the person who made me whole and who woke me up.

Mason’s life had been great, his family was loving and supportive. He had the dream career, but being in the spotlight was not his idea of the perfect life, practically a recluse, fate decided now was his time.

When Mason Stone meets Summer Clarke, it’s fate, but can Mason win the heart of the only woman he’s ever met who makes him feel alive, will Summer let him? Or is she too broken to know the signs? Can fate really bring you to the one you were always supposed to love


Download this book now from Amazon

Mysteries and Scandals

Here’s a little something from author De’John Leonardo. Take a look at the blurb for Mysteries and Scandals – what do you think?

How would you feel if the life you are currently living was a set up? What if everything you thought was one way turned out to be another? Life for Justin has been no walk in the park. He once knew what it was like to have a happy family and to be loved by someone but all that changed the day his father was murdered. Justin’s life has been flipped upside down and not for the better but for the worse. Justin is stuck with the one person who he can’t stand and that is his mother Brandy. He and Brandy never got along but now that his father is dead they really don’t get along. Justin has always thought of his mother as a stranger. Could it be that he feels that his mother forgot where she came from? Or could it be Justin’s own fault be because of the choices he has made in life? Whatever the case may be they surely don’t see eye to eye. Life for Justin really gets confusing as he unlocks the mysteries behind the scandal. How will he be able to handle everything once he learns the truth about Brandy and what she tried to sweep under the rug for years?


You can download this book now from Amazon