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Terror Train – Extra

Okay so I lied. I’ve got one more podcast from Terror Train this is a Halloween Special for our Halloween Special, which I think makes it a double whammy of scary… so have a listen if you dare!

Terror Train: Podcast 7

Happy Halloween!

Here’s the final podcast I’ve got for you from Terror Train. I hope you like it. And remember you listen to more of these podcasts on YouTube and download the entire anthology from Amazon. Enjoy… and don’t get too scared.



Download the book now!


Terror Train: Podcast 4

I know, you were expecting the second podcast – well you’re only going to get snippets from me I’m afraid. You can listen to more of the Terror Train anthology on YouTube, or you could buy the book┬ánow.



Download the story from Amazon

Terror Train: Podcast 1

It’s time to be scared. Here’s the first podcast from Terror Train – I swear to you the opening gave me goosebumps.




Remember you can download the rest of Terror Train from Amazon