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Terror Train: Podcast 7

Happy Halloween!

Here’s the final podcast I’ve got for you from Terror Train. I hope you like it. And remember you listen to more of these podcasts on YouTube and download the entire anthology from Amazon. Enjoy… and don’t get too scared.



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Terror Train: Podcast 1

It’s time to be scared. Here’s the first podcast from Terror Train – I swear to you the opening gave me goosebumps.




Remember you can download the rest of Terror Train from Amazon

Terror Train: Interview

Editor of Terror Train, Krista Clark Grabowski, has taken some time out to answer some questions about the book.

Terror Train is a collection of horror stories, right? Can you tell us more about the concept?


The concept for Terror Train came from A. Henry Keene, an excellent writer and my co-editor on Terror Train. It’s more than a collection of stories and poems with a train theme, it’s a cross-country train ride. The first story in the book is written by Charie D. LaMarr and is set in New York and it ends with a story written by Alex S. Johnson that is set is California. Between the first and last stories are “train stops” in various locations.


Interesting. I noticed you said it includes both stories and poems. That gives the book a lot of variety.


Yes it does. It worked out so well. The writing itself covers a broad range as well. There is a noir-style story, one from the future, one set in the Old West, a southern gothic story, and lots of other styles. Some of them have gore and some have none at all. You won’t find any two stories or poems that are the same. I really think there is something for everyone in this one.


How has it been received?


Very well. We have no negative reviews and there has been so much interest that we’re doing a series of Terror Train podcasts. David Schutz II narrates every episode and does an amazing job. His wife, Mary Genevieve Fortier, is a running character she created, the disembodied voice of Terror. Her wicked laugh and dialogue make the episodes extra creepy. There are nine episodes so far. A new one goes out every Saturday and except for the first installment, each one is about half an hour long. David is working his way through the book. Eventually he will read every story and poem.


Here’s a link to my YouTube channel. You can find all of the podcasts there.



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Terror Train

In the UK we don’t really celebrate Halloween like they do in the US but we still like our scares. So all this week I am showcasing a great collaboration of stories to chill your bones and give you nightmares. There will be something new everyday to get you in the mood for a frightening Friday. And also we’ve revamped (get it!) the blog a bit too. Let us know what you think in the comments below and please feel free to share your scary stories.

Now allow me to introduce the spine-tingling, hell-raising, not-being-able-to-go-to-sleep-in-the-dark-ing… Train Terror:




The Terror Train rides, from city to city, from village to village, through states, across rivers and mountains. If only it could tell its tales of grisly murder, of demonic pacts, black holes into different dimensions and portals to other realms where the ghosts of train robbers hunt in perpetuity for that elusive bullion filled carriage that cost them their immortal souls. Behold the terrors the train has witnessed, see firsthand the horrors it has lived through and when you get on board, pray, pray you’ve entered the right one, on the right track, the one that does not lead to oblivion…

Terror Train contains stories by new and established authors, with a guest story by William F. Nolan.

All aboard!

Download it now! http://www.amazon.com/Terror-Train-Mathias-Jansson-ebook/dp/B00KYWRWS2/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1413836480&sr=1-2&keywords=terror+train+in+books