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Exigency (Protectors of the Elemental Magic Book 2)


Author: Marnie Cate

Title: Exigency

Series: The Protectors of the Elemental Magic Series

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Romance


There is a world around us that most people don’t take the time to see. Mara Stone’s world was shaken, but she is a fighter. Facing new adversaries, Mara is learning what it truly means to protect the magic. As she starts to rebuild her life, the web of her family’s secrets continues to unravel. Mara is forced to face her fear of losing everything she holds dear. She said that you would be a challenge to my children. I thought I had made the right choice when I selected Eliza. If only Mae had not interfered. But, enough of those sad thoughts, I think the two of you will be perfect replacements. When Mara and Cole find themselves in the cold world of Snowstrum, they will have to choose either to be true to their promise to protect the magic, or to follow their desires. Magic may not be enough to free them from the icy fortress they are trapped in.

The second book in the Protectors of the Elemental Magic series, Exigency is a compelling, magical young adult fantasy tale.


Accepting his assistance, I stood up to find myself in the middle a winter wonderland. The snow-covered ground was filled with large trees heavy with the snow. A small white rabbit hopped through the tree lines. The sky above was a deep blue with not a cloud in it. In the distance, I could see a castle. The structure was like none I had ever seen before. The high towers and walls looked as if they were made of ice.

“Is that where we are going?” I asked, unable to maintain the cold demeanor anymore.

“That is your new home, Marina,” he said, as he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Horses clomping sounded behind us. The skeleton of a man was sitting on the outside of a black and silver carriage being drawn by four skeleton horses. The driver wore a red and black uniform with a black top hat. His empty eye sockets glowed red. Slowing beside us to a step, a Vetur hopped off the back of the carriage and opened the door for us.

“Are we riding in this?” I asked. “Isn’t he the one that threw me here?”

Taking my hand, Cole said, “Mort will not harm you. This will be more comfortable than the long walk and it will give us time to talk about tomorrow’s events.”

Sensing my reluctance, he kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “Trust me. Climb in.”



Amazon Book link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BVSJU5K

Marnie Cate BiographyMarnie Cate

Marnie Cate was born and raised in Montana before adventuring to the warmer states of Arizona and California. Her love of Dame Judi Dench and dreams of caticorns and rainbows inspired her to chase her dreams. One great sentence came to mind and the world of elemental magic and the humans they lived amongst filled her mind. With her first book Remember: Protectors of the Elemental Magic, the story has just begun.


Marnie Cate’s website: marniecate.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarnieCate

Twitter: twitter.com/Marnie_Cate

Pinterest: pinterest.com/marniecate

Goodreads: goodreads.com/Marnie_Cate

Amazon page: amazon.com/dp/B01BVSJU5K/


Remember: Protectors of the Elemental Magic

Relaunch Tour


In anticipation of the release of the Exigency, the second book in the Protectors of the Elemental Magic Series, Marnie Cate’s beloved first novel, Remember: Protectors of the Elemental Magic, will be available on Kindle for $0.99 / £0.99 February 5th – 11th 2016


Author: Marnie Cate

Title: Remember: Protectors of the Elemental Magic

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy



Hiding the truth from you is no longer protecting you. Sit and I will tell you what you need to know.


With those words, the secrets of my great grandmother, Genevieve Silver, were unburied and my role as a protector of the elemental magic was revealed.


My name is Marina Addisyn Stone but Mara is what my friends and family call me.  I had always felt that there was something missing and that nothing was permanent. Why would I feel that way?  I was being raised with my little sister by my grandmother that loved and doted on me. Then, there was Cole Sands. Who could forget the blue-eyed boy that had stolen my heart? What more could a girl need?  I always thought I was just being dramatic and that bad things do happen to people but that is part of life.  People die.  People go away. Little did I know that with one secret, my life would change forever and my new world would be surrounded by the world of elemental magic?



As I felt my determination build, the mirror in front of me began to change and the reflection filled with rippling water. The image made me think of the choppy water of Sparrow Lake. At first, the small waves were calm but the speed and intensity of each movement of the water grew. I found myself being splashed as the waves grew harder and began to slap against the mirror. Standing up, I moved away just in time to watch the mirror before me shatter and the violent water burst out towards me.

The room began to fill with rushing water. Feeling around the room, I searched for an exit. Behind the shattered mirror, I only found solid rock. Looking to the ceiling, I could see the same hard stone. Feeling the emotions build inside me, I began search the floor and walls around me for any exit.

“Damn! Damn! Damn it!” I cried.

The water did not slow. Instead it continued to fill the room as I frantically searched for my escape. The water soon reached my knees and, what seemed like seconds later, I was wading through waist high water. As the water continued to rise, I was soon struggling to keep my head above water. It was not enough that the water was filling the room so rapidly but soon the water felt alive. The cold waves kept tossing me back and forth as the water rose and I began to feel like I was in a game of Ping-Pong where I was the ball. Soon, I found myself pulled under the icy water and surrounded by thousands of bubbles. Frantically kicking my feet to keep my head above water, I broke the surface.

Remembering the swimming lessons my grandfather insisted on, I thought about the times I spent with my grandfather learning to swim. I began to feel less scared as I recalled his calm voice and gentle words telling me that I would be safe. As I floated in the rising water, it seemed to respond to my emotions. The thrashing became calmer as I focused on my grandfather’s words. My brief moment of peace did not last. Before I knew it, I had almost reached the ceiling that had no exit and I began to panic. At this rate, I would be trapped and drowned in minutes. As if it was feeding off my fear, the water began to toss me around again.

As the water began to rise up my neck and almost over the top of my head, I tried to calm myself. You are the granddaughter of Mae Veracor and the great granddaughter of Genevieve Silver. You are the descendent of strong women. You have nothing to fear. With these words, the water once again calmed and I was able to tilt my head back above the water. How am I going to get out of this?


Remember: Protectors of the Elemental Magic is on sale $0.99 / £0.99 Kindle from February 5th – 11th 2016




Amazon Book link: My Book



Marnie Cate Biography

Marnie Cate was born and raised in Montana before adventuring to the warmer states of Arizona and California. Her love of Dame Judi Dench and dreams of caticorns and rainbows inspired her to chase her dreams. One great sentence came to mind and the world of elemental magic and the humans they lived amongst filled her mind. With Remember, the story has begun.


Other Works by Marnie Cate

Exigency: Protectors of the Elemental Magic – Coming Soon

The story of Mara Stone continues.  Her world was shaken but she is a fighter.  Facing new adversaries, Mara is learning what it truly means to protect the magic.


Awethology Light – Contribution Story  

Beginnings: Protectors of the Elemental Magic (Novellette)

The story of Genevieve Silver and the origins of the protectors of the magic. With the balance of the elemental world shaken, four elementals take on the task of protecting the magic.




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarnieCate

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00UJNT7J8

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/Marnie_Cate

Twitter: @Marnie_Cate

The Eye of Mares

 The Eye of Mares Blog Tour

 ROTE - Eye of Mares Revised Cover Art

To celebrate the release of the second instalment in the Rise of the Elohim chronicles, the Eye of Mares is going to blog hopping like a headlining rockstar, multiple showings for over the course of two weeks, with a new page shared with each appearance, continuing from where the last one went off and today I get to host the latest page:




The Eye of Mares – Part 11

…“Tell me, Damien—” Zach said, as he materialised beside his own bed, tying his pillow cases together. “—you forgot how fast I am, haven’t you?”

“Grrrr,” Damien snarled. Besides being furious, he felt a little embarrassed. He had forgotten.

Damien cursed himself for his own stupidity, as he bit his own tongue. In the forty-six months he had known Zach, he was aware of his spectacular talents. Such as his natural talent of being able to raise both speed and strength at an astonishing rate when fighting stronger opponents. And yet despite being no match for him, Damien was forever trying to best him, only to be met with failure time and time again.

He had hated Zach from the day he met him, all because he was meant to live the same life as Zach, to grow up as a Watcher, as opposed to being a prisoner on Osiris. He deemed Zach unworthy of the life he led and desired it for himself instead. And he would do whatever it took to bring Zach down a peg or two.

“Give me my sword back, Damien.” Zach repeated evenly.

“Never!” Damien denied in retaliation.

Then I’ll just have to reclaim it for myself then.

Zach’s telepathically spoken words threw Damien off-guard, allowing him to strike out twice. His first move saw him use the sheet to slap Damien across the chops before he whipped it again at his legs, knocking him over.

The sword came free from Damien’s grip, only to have the sheet fly out again and reclaim both it and the sheath for its owner. Zach tossed the sheet back onto his bed and sheathed his weapon, only to then advance on his defeated foe.

“I can sense your every move and read your every thought. Did you really think I didn’t know you were coming?” Zach asked off-handedly. “I knew what you were up to from the moment you woke up this morning.”…


Be sure to check out the continuing blogs to watch the story continue, or pick up a copy direct from Amazon: The Eye of Mares – Out now!

You could even let the adventure continue and check out its prequel, where the story began and the series was created: The Spirit of Iris – Out now!


Cover Art Book 3 - The Story Continues.JPGAuthor: Rocky Rochford

Illustrator: Ashleigh Longman

Title: The Eye of Mares

Series: Book 2 of the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles

Genre: Illustrated YA fantasy adventure

Book Content Rating: Suitable for ages 12 and up

Tag-line: “Darkness has many forms and Mares is its playground.”



Nearly four years have passed since Zach drew blade against the Shanzi Shimay and now the time has come for him to draw his sword once more. The Realm of Mares has fallen victim to invasion as three terrifying beasts of darkness, seek to destroy the world around them, as they await the inevitable arrival of their King.

With dark times ahead, the numbers of the Watchers on Iris has grown, as Zach is joined by seven fellow students, all too eager to prove their worth. It’s not long before the students are put to the test facing off against the Nein Navy and uncover a dark secret.

The stage is set and the Battle for Mares is under-way. 

Author Shot - Rocky Rochford 2015Rocky Rochford Biography

Rocky Rochford is your standard guy, if your standard guy scuba dives, partakes in underwater photographer and is a wake-boarding, adventure seeking, sword collecting, marine conservation supporter. After living life on the road and the places between, he finally settled down but not without benefiting from all the lessons life had to teach him.

Self-professed “Student of Everything, and Master of Nothing,” Rochford does not choose what he writes, but writes what chooses him, be it fantasy, crime, poetry, philosophy or even adventure. Life is a journey we all get to experience, just like a good book.

Every read into another of his typed works is another trip into the imagination of his mixed up, crazed and deranged mind and this year along those works include the likes of full novels and novellas such as:

London Calling – a Deep Water Novel (Spy Thriller)London Calling

Don’t Even Blink – Part of the Don’t Turn Around Trilogy (Horror)

Wait and Bleed – The Don’t Turn Around Collection (Horror collection of the entire Don’t Trilogy)

And now The Eye of Mares – Book 2 of the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles (Illustrated YA fantasy adventure)

 Other works released by him, are a number of short stories pertaining to horror, paranormal and romance, as well as other works released as part of an anthology:

The Devil You Know (Paranormal short)

Salt in the Wound – Part of the Entwined Saga (Paranormal short)

The Food of Love (featuring Him & Her) – An Anthology by Solstice Publishing (Romance filled Anthology)

Him & Her (Romance Standalone release)

Don’t Say A Word (Horror)

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Volume II (featuring The Devil Before) – An Anthology by the Solstice Shadows (Paranormal themed Anthology)

Awethology Dark (featuring Ghosts) – An Anthology by the #Awethors (Adult stories pertaining to a darker theme)

The December Awethology Dark Volume (featuring Seven Years Bad Luck) – An Anthology by the #Awethors (Adult stories pertaining to a darker theme, set around December)

****Welcome to the World of Rochford****


Social Media Links:

Rocky Rochford’s website: rockyrochford.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IamRockyRochford/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RockyRochford

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7310280.Rocky_Rochford

Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Rocky-Rochford/e/B00O3AA3KU/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1449272442&sr=8-1


Rochford writes a little something for everyone, so if Mares isn’t your cup of tea, you can guarantee one of his many other works certainly is!

Wait and Bleed

Halloween Special: Donum

Time for my favourite cocktail – some sci-fi/fantasy with a squeeze of steampunk. Here’s Alexandra Lane’s Donum.

Insulated from the rest of the world by the Great Smoky Mountains, idyllic Capers is the kind of place where every parent dreams of raising their child: picturesque, wholesome and unsullied by crime. That is, until billionaire business mogul Noigel Braddock skulks into town. Noigel establishes a technology company that he promises will bring prestige and wealth to the hamlet, in the form of a sweeping global business innovation. Princely good looks and debonair persuasion, bolstered by his Ivy League education, belie his true intentions.
On the heels of this transformational development for the town, Capers residents Katy and Charles Leonardis welcome a son who quickly becomes known as “Teal”, for his striking greenish-blue eyes. While every parent thinks that their child is special, even Katy and Charles cannot ignore the fact that some very strange and unsettling paranormal phenomena have unfurled around their son.

Moral decay quickly falls over Capers as townspeople begin committing atrocities they never would have entertained before. Demons roam the streets and fearful encounters with the unknown take place. When these dark forces attempt to extinguish the life of young Teal, he inadvertently discovers the full range of his unusual but powerful gifts.

Once Noigel’s real intentions for Capers are revealed, Teal must race the clock and outmaneuver the older, more cunning Noigel to prevent total destruction of Capers. In the process Teal is tested and shaped by his friendships, loss, love – and his faith in God.

Download Now

Halloween Special – My Daylight Monsters

YA Horror up next introducing My Daylight Monsters by Sarah Dalton – a bargain at only $0.99…


I always thought my demons came out in the day, rather than at night. I’ve never been scared of the dark. I’ve only ever been scared of real things: getting ill, having injections, physical pain… death. Those are my monsters, not ghosts or vampires or whatever else can hide under your bed at night.

I was wrong.

The dark makes everything worse.

When 17-year-old Mary Hades is admitted by her parents to a psychiatric unit, her worst nightmares are confirmed. How can she get better in a place that fills her with dread? Her friendships with the other patients — her wacky roommate Lacey, her protector Mo, and the mysterious, green-eyed Johnny — begin to fill her with hope, until she realizes that people in the hospital are dying without explanation. Something sinister stalks the corridors, and it’s up to Mary to stop it. But the closer she gets to the answer, the more perilous her situation becomes, and Mary discovers the only way to get out alive is to confront the things that scare her most.

Sarah Dalton is the author of the Blemished Series. Her fiction has appeared in Medulla Literary Review, PANK magazine and the British Fantasy Society publication Dark Horizons. She grew up in the countryside of Derbyshire.

Download Now

A Few Quiet Beers with God

A Few Quiet Beers with God

‘A Few Quiet Beers with God’ is a two-part novel in a sci-fi/comedy genre, set in the year 2031.

The plot unravels through the eyes of Dave, a roguish unemployed knockabout who spends most of his time in his local pub, the Stranglers Bar. Just as he is beginning to inwardly doubt his fruitless lifestyle, he meets the girl of his dreams, Alexandra. She becomes a new focus for his existence.

Meanwhile two very powerful enemies, the arrogant, obese Morgan W. Morgan and the conceited, handsome Harry Hieshler, are battling for control of the global television market. In order to lift his station’s ratings, Hieshler enlists the aid of his only non-enemy: a breathtakingly handsome, athletic, machismo, megastar soccer player who is simply known as ‘God’ to his adoring public.

Hieshler’s staff (he does little work himself) creates a marketing ploy – a competition that can only be entered by watching their station. The winner receives the ultimate prize – a date with God! Their ratings soar.

Meanwhile Dave has the night of his life with Alexandra and promises to call her the next evening. But alas! From there things go astray, and Dave gets drawn into the murky world of competition between Morgan and Hielshler, coupled with his yearning to find Alexandra. Part one ends with a resolution that you definitely won’t see coming.

Part two begins with … no, even a hint would spoil it!

If you enjoy offbeat, irreverent comedies, and crazy sci-fi adventures, then you’ll love A Few Quiet Beers with God. It has shades of Douglas Adams’ Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Grant Naylor’s backwards-ness in Red Dwarf, and even the future para-realism of Ben Elton’s Stark.

The story references, among other things, adaption to new technologies, the explosion of social media sites, the all pervasive nature of the media, and, of course, lost pens.

Best suited to ages 12 and up. New adults and adults who are young at heart will enjoy the oblique references to “the old days” of the early 21st century.

Links Web: www.JPpublishingAustralia.com

Read a sample: https://jppublishingaustralia.wordpress.com/sample-a-few-quiet-beers-with-god/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Few-Quiet-Beers-God-ebook/dp/B00T6RSN9I/

Amazon Australia: http://www.amazon.com.au/Few-Quiet-Beers-God-ebook/dp/B00T6RSN9I/

Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/John-Perrier/e/B00CJ3JKU2/

Goodreads Author page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4083632.John_Perrier

Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point

Take a look at this extract from middle-grade supernatural novel Matthias from Jodi Auborn.
Sleeter and Quint! They were still after me, and now I was trapped! I couldn’t run into the woods without them seeing me. I waded into the thorny rose bushes beside the road, looking for a place to hide. But there was nothing but the tangled bushes, which snagged my clothes and tore at my arms. It was like trying to walk through a net. I pulled myself away from one big thorn that ripped a hole in my shirt.
“DAAAAD!” I cried, one last time. “MATTHIAAAAS!”
I finally ignored my bleeding arms and the thorn bushes, and ducked down into the muddy ditch.
“We got you now, kid!” Quint and Sleeter whooped. They were still laughing at me as the car raced back up the road, louder and closer every second.
Then someone’s laughter turned to a shriek. He sounded terrified. “What…what the…MEL, LOOK!”
I couldn’t help it. I peeked up over the edge of the road.
“Matthias…” I whispered.
Matthias was standing on the other side of the road, and for the first time…I could seethrough him! He didn’t look at me. He just stepped in front of the speeding car and pounded his hands down on the hood, glaring in at Quint. Quint stared back and screamed as the car passed through Matthias, who disappeared in a swirl of white mist.
Quint slammed on the brakes and the car stopped right by my hiding place. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on the steering wheel, making strange little moaning sounds. His whole body started shaking.
“Quint!” Sleeter bellowed. “What’re you doing, trying to kill us? Learn to drive, you moron!”
“Didn’t you see him?” Quint wailed. “The guy in the blue coat? I drove right through him!” Quint hid his face in his hands and began to cry. “That was no man! That was a…a ghost! A hideous ghost!”
“You idiot!” Sleeter snapped, smacking Quint in the back of the head. “You’re useless. Now, stay here. I’m getting out to find that kid.”
“Dylan, stay down!” Matthias said as he appeared beside me and sprawled out in the mud, looking like his normal self again. He put his hand on my head and pushed me down on my stomach. My chin scraped against some gravel in the ditch.
“You’re hurting me!”
“Sleeter will hurt you a lot worse if he catches you!” Matthias whispered. He did ease up on my head, though, and nodded at a round pipe that ran under the road. “Don’t ask questions. Crawl into that culvert and be quiet! It’s your only chance.”
I did as he told me. The bottom of the pipe was covered with oily water and weird orange mud. I could hear Matthias pushing weeds and brush in front of the opening that I had just crawled through. I knew that he was standing guard at my end of the culvert, so I felt a little safer.
It took forever for them to leave. I couldn’t move. I heard Sleeter crashing through the brush, calling me. Quint continued crying in the car. Then Sleeter yelled at him some more, and told him to move over so he could drive.
I heard the car pull away, but didn’t dare to make a sound.
“Dylan?” Matthias called. “You okay?”
“Are they gone?” I whispered.
“You’re safe, for now. But we need to get you home.”
I tried to wiggle back out of the pipe, but couldn’t move. “Matthias? I think I’m…I’mstuck!”
“Don’t worry, m’boy, I’ll have you out of there in no time.”
He grabbed my ankles and yanked me out of the culvert as if I were a dead fish. My back scraped up against the rough cement. “Ow!” I howled. “Take it easy!”
I got to my feet, rubbing my back and blinking in the bright sun. Matthias shook his head. “You’re going to have some explaining to do, sonny. You’re a mess. Wait until your mother sees you.” He reached out and brushed some twigs and leaves off my shoulders. “Now, follow me. I know a shortcut through the woods. We can’t stay on this road, in case they come back looking for you.”
I looked down at my torn, muddy clothes, bloodstained hands, and scratched-up arms, and the dried brown splotches on my shirt from my bloody nose. My soaked sneakers squished with every step I took. Then I stared at Matthias as I followed him across the road and into the woods. His clothes were spotless. He didn’t even have any mud on his shiny black shoes.
He looked over his shoulder at me. “You’re going to have to tell your parents that you were kidnapped. You know that, don’t you?”
“No, way! They would never let me walk to town by myself again. Mom’s already really mad at me.”
“Why is she mad? You didn’t do anything wrong.”
“She thinks I lied to her about taking her dish towel, and playing the piano that night. Then she found all of her paintings thrown on the workbench in her studio, and thought that I did it! And then she said that I was the one playing with her eggbeater and it left pancake batter on the couch, and she made me clean it up.” I glared at him. “You always get me in trouble. Why do you have to play with all of our stuff?”
He shrugged. “I’m a ghost, Dylan. We’re naturally curious about the lives and possessions of those who follow us.”
“Well, you better put Dad’s book back. He’s been looking for it.”
We didn’t say much more as we trudged through the woods. I watched as a chipmunk scampered over the leaves and squatted on its hind legs to nibble at something it held in its paws. It was cute. “Matthias, look,” I said, pointing it out.
He hardly glanced at it. “It’s just a chipmunk. Now, stop dawdling. Sleeter could be looking for you.”

Here are some links for the book:
Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Matthias-Salvation-Jodi-L-Auborn/dp/1499321236/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428164991&sr=8-1&keywords=matthias+the+ghost+of+salvation+point
Amazon UK:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Matthias-The-Ghost-Salvation-Point/dp/1499321236
My website: http://jodilauborn.webs.com/
And the book’s Shelfari page: http://www.shelfari.com/books/38703908/Matthias-The-Ghost-of-Salvation-Point

Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold

Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold – 

By Iain Reading


Back Where The Entire Adventure Began

As soon as the engine began to sputter, I knew that I was in real trouble. Up until then, I had somehow managed to convince myself that there was just something wrong with the fuel gauges. After all, how could I possibly have burnt through my remaining fuel as quickly as the gauges seemed to indicate? It simply wasn’t possible. But with the engine choking and gasping, clinging to life on the last fumes of aviation fuel, it was clear that when the fuel gauges read, “Empty,” they weren’t kidding around.

The lightning strike that took out my radio and direction-finding gear hadn’t worried me all that much. (Okay, I admit it worried me a little bit.) It wasn’t the first time that this had happened to me, and besides, I still had my compasses to direct me to where I was going. But I did get a little bit concerned when I found nothing but open ocean as far my eyes could see at precisely the location where I fully expected to find tiny Howland Island—and its supply of fuel for the next leg of my journey—waiting for me. The rapidly descending needles on my fuel gauges made me even more nervous as I continued to scout for the island, but only when the engine began to die did I realize that I really had a serious problem on my hands.

The mystery of the disappearing fuel.

The enigma of the missing island.

The conundrum of what do I do now?

“Exactly,” the little voice inside my head said to me in one of those annoying ‘I-told-you-so’ kind of voices. “What do you do now?”

“First, I am going to stay calm,” I replied. “And think this through.”

“You’d better think fast,” the little voice said, and I could almost hear it tapping on the face of a tiny wristwatch somewhere up there in my psyche. “If you want to make it to your twentieth birthday, that is. Don’t forget that you’re almost out of fuel.”

“Thanks a lot,” I replied. “You’re a big help.”

Easing forward with the control wheel I pushed my trusty De Havilland Beaver into a nosedive. Residual fuel from the custom-made fuel tanks at the back of the passenger cabin dutifully followed the laws of gravity and spilled forward, accumulating at the front and allowing the fuel pumps to transfer the last remaining drops of fuel into the main forward belly tank. This maneuver breathed life back into the engine and bought me a few more precious minutes to ponder my situation.

“Mayday, mayday, mayday,” I said, keying my radio transmitter as I leveled my flight path out again. “This is aircraft Charlie Foxtrot Kilo Tango Yankee, calling any ground station or vessel hearing this message, over.”

I keyed the mic off and listened intently for a reply. Any reply. Please? But there was nothing. There was barely even static. My radio was definitely fried.

It was hard to believe that it would all come down to this. After the months of preparation and training. After all the adventures that I’d had, the friends I’d made, the beauty I’d experienced, the differences and similarities I’d discovered from one culture to the next and from one human being to the next. All of this in the course of my epic flight around the entire world.

Or I should say, “my epic flight almost around the entire world,” in light of my current situation.

And the irony of it was absolutely incredible. Three-quarters of a century earlier the most famous female pilot of them all had disappeared over this exact same endless patch of Pacific Ocean on her own quest to circle the globe. And she had disappeared while searching for precisely the same island that was also eluding me as I scanned the horizon with increasing desperation.

“Okay,” I thought to myself. “Just be cool and take this one step at a time to think the situation through.” I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing, slowing it down and reining in the impulse to panic. Inside my head, I quickly and methodically replayed every flight that I’d ever flown. Every emergency I’d ever faced. Every grain of experience that I had accumulated

along the long road that had led me to this very moment. Somewhere in there was a detail that was the solution to my current predicament. I was sure of it. And all I had to do was find it.

Maybe the answer to my current situation lay somewhere among the ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia? Or in the steamy jungles of east Africa? Or inside the towering pyramids of Giza? Or among the soaring minarets of Sarajevo? Or on the emerald rolling hills and cliffs of western Ireland? Or on the harsh and rocky lava fields of Iceland?

Wherever the answer was, it was going to have to materialize quickly, or another female pilot (me) would run the risk of being as well-known throughout the world as Amelia Earhart. And for exactly the same reason.

“It’s been a good run at least,” the little voice inside my head observed, turning oddly philosophical as the fuel supplies ran critically low. “You’ve had more experiences on this journey around the world than some people do in their entire lifetime.”

“That’s it!” I thought.

Maybe the answer to all this lies even further back in time? All the way back to the summer that had inspired me to undertake this epic journey in the first place. All the way back to where North America meets the Pacific Ocean—the islands and glaciers and whales of Alaska.

All the way back to where this entire adventure began.

Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold is the thrilling first installment in a new young adult series of adventure mystery stories by Iain Reading. This first book of the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series introduces Kitty Hawk, an intrepid teenage pilot with her own De Havilland Beaver seaplane and a nose for mystery and intrigue. A cross between Amelia Earhart, Nancy Drew and Pippi Longstocking, Kitty is a quirky young heroine with boundless curiosity and a knack for getting herself into all kinds of precarious situations.

After leaving her home in the western Canadian fishing village of Tofino to spend the summer in Alaska studying humpback whales, Kitty finds herself caught up in an unforgettable adventure involving stolen gold, devious criminals, ghostly shipwrecks, and bone-chilling curses. Kitty’s adventure begins with the lingering mystery of a sunken ship called the Clara Nevada. As the plot continues to unfold, this spirited story will have readers anxiously following every twist and turn as they are swept along through the history of the Klondike Gold Rush to a suspenseful final climatic chase across the rugged terrain of Canada’s Yukon.

Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold is a perfect book to fire the imagination of readers of all ages. Filled with fascinating and highly Google-able locations and history this book will inspire anyone to learn and experience more for themselves.

There are currently four books in the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series: Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold (book 1), Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost (book 2), Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue (book 3), and Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic (book 4). Each book can be read as a standalone.

“In the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series the heroine finds herself in a new geographic location in each book. The series will eventually have a total of 13 books in it (maybe more) and her flight around the world will be completed in the end,” says Iain. “The books are sequential but one could definitely read any of the later ones before reading the earlier ones.”

About the Author:

Iain Reading is passionate about Root Beer, music, and writing. He is Canadian, but currently resides in the Netherlands working for the United Nations.

Iain has published 4 books in the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series (Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold, Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost, Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue, and Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic). He is currently working on the 5th book in the series. For more information, go to http://www.kittyhawkworld.com/.

Iain is also the author of The Wizards of Waterfire Series. The first book in the series The Guild of the Wizards of Waterfire was published in April 2014.

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Vardin Village

Another festive book on special offer today. Check out Vardin Village by Maggie Spence and let us know what you think.


Sixteen-year-old, George Vardin, lives in a crappy, ramshackle cottage with no electricity and a roof that’s about to implode. The creaky front porch overlooks the magnificent ancestral mansion that his father lost because of his drug abuse. George is not sure which is more breathtaking; the view or the irony.

George’s life is about to suck even more because school starts next week and he can’t scrape up enough money to pay his cell phone bill let alone the fee to play varsity football. Uncle Morris shows up and offers a creative solution to keep George and his sister together under one roof. It’s a much larger, less leaky roof, with a breathtaking view of the crappy, ramshackle cottage. Crafty Morris reveals a secret tunnel that leads to the mansion and consequently some Vardin family secrets that will make junior year unforgettable.


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Surviving the Fog- Kathy’s Recollections

Who is up for some dystopia? Here’s Stan Morris telling us all about his YA Dystopic sequel Surviving the Fog – Kathy’s Recollections.

Surviving the Fog was the first book in your series, can you tell us about the plot of this book?

Forty eight teenagers attend a quasi-religious camp in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  The camp has an unusual purpose; to preach sexual abstinence and to teach and demonstrate various methods of birth control.  After a week, the cell phones stop working and the mail is not delivered.  The Camp Administrator leaves one counselor in charge of the teenagers and takes the rest on a short trip to find out what’s wrong.  They never return.

Mike, one of the youngest teens, is convinced something terrible has happened.  He asks disturbing questions and gradually convinces others to help him prepare to survive without help.  Then Jacob discovers that the Earth below is covered by a mysterious and dangerous brown fog.

You then have gone on to write about Kathy, one of the teenagers on the mountain. What was it about Kathy that made you want to give her her own story?

The most common complaint about the book came from female readers.  They liked the story, but they were annoyed that the girls did not play a larger role in the development of the story.  An exchange of messages with a woman at Goodreads caused me to consider the girls’ role in the story.  I had never been satisfied with the role of one character, Kathy, age fourteen.  I began to imagine the story from her viewpoint.

It was a  turning point in my writing and in the story.  I learned new techniques of story telling, how to show jumps in time between scenes, and how to do better segues.  The story became much fuller, and unanswered questions were answered.  New characters were introduced, and unnamed characters from the first book became major characters in the second book.

This is a dystopian story but can you expand upon the atmosphere you are trying to create?

What I was trying to show in this book was the evolution of these teenagers, and how they went from being children of an advanced civilization to becoming young adults capable of doing things they had never dreamed of.  It’s a story of community, and how the society of these teens evolved from a gang to a tribe and eventually to a village. It’s a story about grim reality, but it’s mostly about hope.

By the time we got to the bridge, Leah and I were separated by the mass of people trying to get across the small wooden span.  I started running, not knowing where I was going, and I ran and I ran.  The numbness of witnessing Pete’s death was wearing off, and I was having a panicked reaction.  For some reason tears began to drip down my face as I ran, and I could hardly see.  I ran past the mess hall, past Chief’s Headquarters, and continued up the grassy slope.  When I came to the hollowed cave, I climbed onto its rocky floor, and then I spied a small cavern to one side.  I ran into the cavern and came to a halt at the face of a rock wall.  I slumped to the ground with my back against the rock wall and my knees bent.  I folded my arms across my knees, and I laid my head against my arms, and then I sat there and bawled.  I wanted everything to go way.  I wanted to be home.  I wanted my mom to hug me, and to lecture me, and to tell me that it was all just a bad dream.

I’m not sure how long I stayed in that small cavern at the side of the open cave, but it could not have been too long, for the sun was just at the zenith when I rose, left the cave, and went down to the mess hall.  I was all cried out.  And a strange thing happened to me while in that cave.  As my crying died down, I got angry.  Like Douglas’, it was partly an irrational anger, for I was angry at my parents, angry at the missing Admin, even angry at the government, and especially angry at the men who had killed Pete.  And I was angry at myself for crying, and for feeling so helpless and so sorry for myself.

I stood up and walked out to the rocky ledge in front of the cave.  The sun was still shining and high above, the sky had cleared, although a few low puffy clouds had drifted in from the west.  I wondered where the Chief was.  I could see that he had been right, all along.  Whatever had happened meant that no one was coming to save us.  We would have to take care of ourselves.  If we were going to survive, we had better learn how, and we had better start looking ahead.  I looked over the bowl shaped valley, and I knew that if I continued to live, this would be my home for a long time.


The book is about teenagers, but is that your target audience or is this a story more suited to older readers?

Surviving the Fog is aimed at teenagers 15 and up, but I have received email from younger readers, and I have received many reviews from much older readers.  Some people don’t like the idea of a camp that is about abstinence and birth control, but I’ve received email from parents who gave the book to their teens.  I find that satisfying.

There are sexual situations between teenagers and young adults, and some people object to that.  It’s hard for me to imagine a post apocalypse world in which that does not happen.  There is a scene of violence in both books, and in Kathy’s Recollections a girl recounts her rape to a minister.

Without giving too much away can you tell us how the kids cope without their parents and what do they have to go through to survive?

The two necessities are food and shelter.  Both are provided by adults the teenagers meet, but the adults must have the help of the teenagers, and without help from the teenagers, it’s doubtful the adults would have survived.

The teenagers are subjected to an attack on their camp.  They fight back.  They have to deal with emotional loss, with digging graves, and with punishing those of the tribe who commit serious infractions.  They have to make and follow rules.

The fog is the known danger in your book – what else threatens these children and their survival?

They are threatened by outsiders and sometimes by wild animals.  They have to deal with freezing weather and low food stocks.  They must learn how to make simple things like soap.  They learn the real meaning of recycling.

Is there any scene or character that you would like to share with us?

Here is a scene.  Mike makes some rules.  The scene appears in Surviving the Fog, but this version is from Kathy’s Recollections.

.  “As of tonight, I’m making a new rule about sex.  From now on, no one can have sex unless they’re at least sixteen.”

That statement startled us, but some of the kids started laughing, and some people said some foul things.  Not me.  I was glad to hear the Chief say that.  None of the boys in our camp acted like they wanted to have sex with me, but you never know.  I wasn’t interested, that’s for sure.  Now if anyone asked, I could just tell them I was fourteen, and I couldn’t have sex, even if I wanted to.  I looked around and saw that a lot of younger girls were nodding their heads, just like me.

Maybe some people thought that the Chief was just being foolish, because one of the older boys stood up and said with a smirk, “How are you going to enforce that?”  Some other boys laughed when he asked that.

The Chief stared at him, and then he said in a very menacing voice, “I’ll enforce any rule I make.  Don’t test me.”

And just like that, the laughter ended.  Suddenly people remembered that this was the Chief speaking.  A couple of the Spears, who were always standing at the sides of the crowd during Meeting, happened to choose that moment to bounce the shaft end of their spears off the concrete floor, causing a couple of boys to look over at them apprehensively.

“I have another new rule,” the Chief said. He waited until the buzz in the crowd died.  “This is it.  If any guy forces a girl to have sex, I’ll hang him.  Do you understand?”

The Chief looked directly toward a certain group of boys when he said this, and almost involuntarily he received some small nods.  No one in our camp thought for a moment that he would not do what he said he would do.  He had already proven that at the Hanging Tree.

Finally what is next for Stan Morris?

I always have a lot of projects going.  That is a good way to avoid writer’s block, because if, on a particular day, one project does not interest me, I can always switch to a different project.  I’ve published two books in the Surviving the Fog series, and I’m working on three more.  A short story from the Surviving the Fog series has just been published in an anthology titled, Wyrd Worlds II.  I have books in progress from my other series including some in Tales of the Ragoon, an alien colonization of Earth series, and in Mackenzie’s World, a science fiction series set in a far away solar system.

Meanwhile, I love to garden, read, listen to music (old rock and roll), and watch hours and hours of sports.

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