Exigency (Protectors of the Elemental Magic Book 2)


Author: Marnie Cate

Title: Exigency

Series: The Protectors of the Elemental Magic Series

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Romance


There is a world around us that most people don’t take the time to see. Mara Stone’s world was shaken, but she is a fighter. Facing new adversaries, Mara is learning what it truly means to protect the magic. As she starts to rebuild her life, the web of her family’s secrets continues to unravel. Mara is forced to face her fear of losing everything she holds dear. She said that you would be a challenge to my children. I thought I had made the right choice when I selected Eliza. If only Mae had not interfered. But, enough of those sad thoughts, I think the two of you will be perfect replacements. When Mara and Cole find themselves in the cold world of Snowstrum, they will have to choose either to be true to their promise to protect the magic, or to follow their desires. Magic may not be enough to free them from the icy fortress they are trapped in.

The second book in the Protectors of the Elemental Magic series, Exigency is a compelling, magical young adult fantasy tale.


Accepting his assistance, I stood up to find myself in the middle a winter wonderland. The snow-covered ground was filled with large trees heavy with the snow. A small white rabbit hopped through the tree lines. The sky above was a deep blue with not a cloud in it. In the distance, I could see a castle. The structure was like none I had ever seen before. The high towers and walls looked as if they were made of ice.

“Is that where we are going?” I asked, unable to maintain the cold demeanor anymore.

“That is your new home, Marina,” he said, as he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Horses clomping sounded behind us. The skeleton of a man was sitting on the outside of a black and silver carriage being drawn by four skeleton horses. The driver wore a red and black uniform with a black top hat. His empty eye sockets glowed red. Slowing beside us to a step, a Vetur hopped off the back of the carriage and opened the door for us.

“Are we riding in this?” I asked. “Isn’t he the one that threw me here?”

Taking my hand, Cole said, “Mort will not harm you. This will be more comfortable than the long walk and it will give us time to talk about tomorrow’s events.”

Sensing my reluctance, he kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “Trust me. Climb in.”



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Marnie Cate BiographyMarnie Cate

Marnie Cate was born and raised in Montana before adventuring to the warmer states of Arizona and California. Her love of Dame Judi Dench and dreams of caticorns and rainbows inspired her to chase her dreams. One great sentence came to mind and the world of elemental magic and the humans they lived amongst filled her mind. With her first book Remember: Protectors of the Elemental Magic, the story has just begun.


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